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The Myakka Design Process

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Anyone that has seen or bought a piece of furniture from Myakka will know its distinct style and beauty. Quite simply, a piece of Myakka furniture finishes any room and truly is designed to last.

 The processes which go on behind the scenes at Myakka are unique and not at all conventional of normal design processes. Its owners would never admit to being designers (they leave that to their talented suppliers) but they do help guide design from season to season.






The values behind Myakka stand for nature, honesty & durability – all the qualities that most people today want to bring into their home. The use of natural materials such as solid wood and cotton bring a natural feel into any home, leaving its owner to add finishing soft furnishings to make it their own. 


Myakka Directors Georgie Hopkins and Simon Whitehead use specialist Indian suppliers to assist them in designing the furniture. “We will have a vision of the pieces of furniture that we want to create for each new season. We will discuss functions, colours and finishes but it’s the talented craftsmen that we work with who are the real creators,” explains Simon.


The design process starts in the UK where Georgie and Simon get a good idea of what UK consumers want to buy through current fashion trends and assessing the most popular lines in their exclusive warehouse showroom store and from online sales.


“Our suppliers use a combination of traditional artisan techniques and state of the art machinery to craft each piece of furniture that we bring to the UK. This means we can keep alive traditional crafting techniques while not compromising on the consistency of the finish,” explains Georgie.  Myakka’s trusted distribution partners ship the products from India in large containers so that they arrive safely in the UK from their overseas trip.

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