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Myakka develops projects with SKSN

Monday, 23 February 2009

Myakka donated £5,000 to SKSN in January 2009 which was used towards essential medicines, sweaters and materials in the limb workshop at the school and have recently visited to further progress the trade links with the school. 


“We first visited SKSN in January 2008. This project gives so many physically challenged children a chance of a decent future that many take for granted in the UK, offering basic needs such as medical care, food and schooling to this otherwise excluded sector,” explains Georgie Hopkins, Director of Myakka. 




"During our visit last week, aside from essential activities such as playing cricket with the boys and having our hands henna'd by the girls, we progressed our trade programme with the school's VTC (Vocational Training Centre),"  Ten girls who have finished their studies will be making soft furnishings such as cushions and bags to be imported & sold by Myakka with the aim of enabling the girls to develop their vocation and ensure an independent future.  A similar project in conjunction with Myakka's furniture supplier is also planned to provide some older students with carpentry skills.


SKSN stands for Sucheta Kriplani Shiksha Niketan, a co-educational residential school established in 1991. SKSN is home for just over 550 physically challenged children and approximately 50 fully able day scholars. Although the boys and girls study together, they have their own separate boarding facilities.  Both, boarding and educational facilities are provided free of charge and the school receives very limited state funding, which is why it is vital they receive support from companies such as Myakka.


Projects such as this benefit whole communities and not just the individual.  By improving education and understanding of physically handicapped children, they are able to integrate into society as adults and live a fulfilling life.  It costs £20 a month to give each child an education, food and cover boarding costs.  SKSN is just one of the many projects in India that are reliant on company donations and fund raising to sustain their operation.


To find out more about SKSN and read about some of the children, visit their website

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