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Live Chat now with the Myakka support team

Thursday, 23 July 2009

Shopping online can be lonely, especially when you have a question about a product.  FAQ’s are often helpful, but they will never be able to replace a friendly and knowledgeable shop assistant.  Our Myakka Warehouse Outlet in Wincanton allows us to give customers help and answer their questions in person to ensure they get exactly what they are looking for.  We want to replicate this experience for customers shopping through our online store and as a result we have decided to trial a program called ‘Live Chat’.


 “Here’s the scenario; a customer is shopping on our website and has a question.  Rather than reading through our FAQ’s, submitting a query via email or being brave and picking up the telephone they can simply click on the ‘Live Chat’ button at the top of the web page.  This allows them to have a real time conversation with one of the team based here in the office.  We can even help navigate the customer to a page or product, just like we would if they were stood here in the shop in Wincanton.  It’s a great concept”, explains one of the directors, Georgie Hopkins.


All the support team at our Myakka HQ in Wincanton have been trained in using the system, however for the trial so far Heather has been in the ‘hot seat’.  Out of hours, customers can use the link on the site to send a direct email which is then picked up as soon as the office opens again.


Here is a conversation between Heather and myself on the Myakka Live Chat facility:




So if you are shopping on our website and have a question, simply click on the Live Chat link at the top of the page and talk directly with one of our support team here in Wincanton.  If you have tried the Live Chat facility please let us know what you think, was it helpful?



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Myakka launches YouTube Channel

Friday, 17 July 2009

Here at Myakka we are constantly trying to improve the information available to our customers. After our annual photo shoot last month we filmed some videos which we have hosted on our Myakka YouTube Channel.  These videos are designed to give customers additional information so they can make well-informed purchasing decisions.  The topics cover the answers to our most common questions such as:


• How to wax polish your Myakka furniture
• How to remove a ring mark / stain from your Myakka furniture
• How to assemble your Myakka Thakat table
• How to slot the extension leaves into your Mallani Extending Dining Table
• How to assemble you Mallani table
• How your pallet of furniture will arrive
• How to assemble your Myakka Mallani Bed


One of our directors, Simon Whitehead is the star of the videos, as well as our furniture of course! We chose to film the videos in a local former chapel which provided a warmer backdrop than our warehouse in Wincanton.


“It was an interesting exercise as filming is not something I generally get involved in.  Running a Fair Trade furniture retail business suddenly seemed simple at the prospect of having to present in front of a camera crew!  I am very happy with the results and hope the videos will be helpful to our customers,” commented Simon.


We have hosted the videos on our own YouTube channel because YouTube is the most widely accepted and universally accessed video hosting site on the Internet. We will be adding more videos in the future so make sure you check back on this news blog or the Myakka YouTube Channel for updates.



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Myakka provides new desks for SKSN students

Thursday, 2 July 2009

As a member of the British Association for Fair Trade Shops (BAFTS) we at Myakka take an ethical stance to doing business. When our directors Georgie Hopkins and Simon Whitehead went to India back in February they set the ball rolling on a number of joint local community projects. One of these projects has been successfully completed this week.


SKSN School in Jodhpur, northern India is a charitable school which provides care and education to around 500 physically challenged children.  The children are returning to school this week to start the new school year and they are in for a big surprise. In collaboration with our main furniture supplier, Myakka has delivered 70 new desks and benches to seat 140 students aged 4-8 years.  Our supplier has kindly covered the cost of production and as part of our continued support to the SKSN, Myakka have paid approximately £2150 to cover the cost of the materials.


Desks and Benches in Production - awaiting wooden surfaces


As with most charities, ongoing maintenance costs can be a real burden and because of this, the design brief was to create solid, hard wearing school furniture which is also very low maintenance.  Each desk seats 2 children with a matching bench and has been designed with a scale appropriate for the younger students. The design of the benches and chairs means there is very little that can be broken or go wrong with them.


“They’re not as attractive as they could be from a design perspective, but they will last for a very long time”, commented Simon Whitehead, Director of Myakka. “For example, a light sanding and waxing of each desktop will return them to looking as good as new and this task can be carried out very inexpensively”.



 The new desks and benches at SKSN School


The benches and tables were delivered in time for the start of the new school year and have been very well received by the children and their teachers. Georgie and Alexandra are heading out to India in October when they will progress the soft furnishings trade link with SKSN school which was set up at the start of the year.


Read more about SKSN School >>

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