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A guide to choosing a TV unit

Sunday, 6 December 2009

Our founders Georgie Hopkins and Simon Whitehead share over 20 years experience within the furniture industry.  So what do you need to consider when choosing a TV unit? Here are their top considerations for selecting your perfect television furniture:

-       Start by deciding on the ideal position for your TV in the room, often dictated by the location of your sofa, suite and other furniture. It could be you have other considerations such as a home cinema speaker system or power sockets and arial leads.

-       Measure the size of your TV and look for appropriate TV furniture that will accommodate the TV and ancillary AV equipment. Consider your storage and equipment requirements, not just now, but in coming years. Does the TV unit have space for your home cinema amplifier, DVD player, PS3 and Wii? What about hard drives and PVR’s? Can you store your DVD collection in the TV stand or is there the option to buy matching furniture.

 -       Depth is the second most important dimension.  You do not want your TV to hang off the front or back of the stand.  Also, ensure you check that the stand can support the weight of your TV. If you need to find larger furniture such as a Plasma TV stand, LED TV console or LCD TV unit then weight, strength and balance are important. Often these TV’s can be less stable than traditional ‘boxy’ televisions.

-       You can use your TV stand to increase the aesthetic impact of your TV. Extra wide TV consoles and TV units are great for large-screen and plasma TVs, but also add grandeur to smaller TV’s.  For example if you get a stand that is bigger than your TV, you can have accent pieces around the TV to personalize the room. We wouldn’t recommend buying a stand that is smaller than your TV.

-       Where space is an issue a corner TV stand is a popular solution. This space saving furniture can add impact to any TV and is ideal to utilise space that would otherwise be difficult to use.

-       What style of furniture and room decor do you have and what will complement this. TV’s are generally silver, grey or black so your choice of furniture allows you to make the TV fit into your decor more appropriately. What other furniture are you likely to want to add? When choosing your TV console it is also good to check that there is a range of related furniture should you wish to buy a matching coffee table or sideboard in the future.

-       Isolation is also a consideration. Wood is a good material at transmitting micro vibrations from amplifiers and speakers through to the floor. It avoids storing the energy and reflecting it back into equipment. For example metal racks tend to amplify such vibrations affecting both picture and sound quality. To illustrate this affect tap a fork on a metal coffee table leg, then tap it on a wooden chair leg. The metal creates vibration and an echo, the wood being natural and neutral simply doesn’t.

In conclusion, there are many considerations to be made when choosing your new TV unit or stand.  The key is to consider all these elements so that you choose the right TV unit for you, one that you are proud to have as an integral living room piece when relaxing at home with family and friends. After all you will most likely spend a lot of time looking at it!

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