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Acacia Wood

Friday, 8 January 2010

Acacia is a very durable and dense fast growing hardwood. Myakka’s Khimsar Furniture Collection is created from Acacia wood native to India.  

Acacia Wood in History

There are over 1300 species of Acacia Worldwide. Acacia’s natural durability has meant it has been used for a wide variety of purposes over the Centuries. Acacia’s hardness meant it was used extensively as treenails in ship building from around 1750.

In 1791 a Gentleman wrote that he knew of Acacia wood posts that had lasted 80-100 years and that forests should be planted to supply the Navy. The bible suggests Noah’s Ark was created using Acacia, known in Hebrew as ‘Shittim Wood’.

Acacia Wood Source

Within India, Acacia is native to the North and North West regions and has been used locally in the production of furniture, tools and crafts for generations.  Acacia wood comes from pod-bearing trees and has a spectacular grain with rich contrasting colours. It is naturally lighter in colour than Sheesham and has a unique characteristic in that the wood appears to change colour and lustre in different lighting conditions – a phenomenon known as ‘chatoyancy’. The trees are rapid growing reaching the point of harvest after 8-10 years.

Myakka Khimsar Acacia Wood

Acacia Wood Furniture Care

Acacia is naturally resinous which makes it relatively resistant to moisture and odours. This does not mean you shouldn’t make attempts to protect your furniture; it is just naturally a very durable hardwood. We strongly recommend the use of coasters to protect the surface from hot or wet items.  As with Myakka’s Sheesham furniture once in your home, to nourish your new furniture we recommend the use of Mylands Antique Mahogany Wax.

We would recommend an initial coat to top up the wax administered in the factory, then dependant on your usage re-wax the furniture every 6 months to maintain the gorgeous deep lustre. We do not advise the use of any silicon based furniture polish or wax as this can react with the stain and excessively dry out the wood.

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