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Keeping Traditional Crafts Alive

Friday, 22 January 2010

Traditional carving techniques add an element of individuality to solid hardwood furniture. Many companies are striving to have ranges that are clinically consistent, avoiding the issues with varying quality that are often associated with handmade furniture pieces.

At Myakka we have approached this in a different way which has proved so popular that for 2010 we have developed our popular Thakat Elephant Cupboard into a more extensive collection of lines.

The way we meet with our stringent quality control and still add hand carved details into pieces is through the clever integration of man and machine. By using the machines in the production of the furniture carcases we can guarantee consistency in the dimensions of the pieces. The hand carved elements are then brought into places where they are focal, rather than structural.

This is an example of how we at Myakka have employed excellence in design to help keep the traditional crafting skills of our Indian supplier’s employees alive. The key to our success with these pieces is how they have been specifically designed for the UK market with strict levels of quality control whilst maintaining the charms of the Indian hardwood and traditional hand crafting skills.

Our Thakat Elephant Cupboard is our most popular example with the doors featuring six hand carved elephants. The elephants are chiselled by eye into blocks of solid Sheesham wood and add a real focal point to the finished piece of furniture which combines beautifully with the natural pattern of the timber. We have managed to create furniture that is consistent in quality and operation whilst focusing the eye on the unique hand carved elements of the piece.

You can view the Thakat Elephant Cupboard in production in our short video posted on the Myakka YouTube Channel.  To watch the video please select play in the window below.


Please check back on the Myakka News Blog for more videos in the future.

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