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Exciting NEW Lines for 2010

Thursday, 18 February 2010

We are particularly excited about our brand new Spring 2010 Catalogue which will be released on 1st March and features some fantastic new furniture lines.  The culmination of six month’s hard work, we’ve developed our ranges so they are even more appealing and purposeful to our discerning British customers.  Here are just a few of our favourites that we hope you’ll love:


 Mallani Step Telephone Cabinet      Mallani Corner Bookcase     Mallani Corner TV Unit     Khimsar Storage Coffee Table     Fair Trade home accessories




As with the rest of our hardwood furniture collections, these new pieces have been designed specifically for the British market and produced in India following fair trade principles.  Marrying computer controlled machinery with traditional carving techniques ensures both character and consistent quality.  This combined with the beauty of Indian hardwoods results in great value & great looking pieces of furniture.  A particularly exciting new range extends the appeal of our popular Thakat Elephant Cupboard, which has now been joined by the Elephant Bookcase, the Elephant Small Cabinet and the Elephant Blanket Box (we had to restrain ourselves from calling it a ‘trunk’!).


Thakat Elephant Furniture Range 


If you’re not already on our mailing list and would like to request a copy of our latest catalogue just follow this link and submit your details.  Alternatively, all these great new products are just a click away – visit the Myakka website for a sneak preview.

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Myakka have Fair Trade Fortnight in the Bag!

Monday, 15 February 2010

top-banner (smaller)

We’re once again supporting Fair Trade Fortnight, an annual event co-ordinated by the Fair Trade Foundation.  Running between 22nd February and 7th March this year’s Fair Trade Fortnight centres on a campaign called ‘The Big Swap’.

Myakka are supporting the Fair Trade Foundation’s big swap by encouraging customer’s to swap their plastic carrier bags for reusable, fair trade jute shopping bags.  For every ten plastic bags sent in, we will send customers a brand new, hard-wearing jute shopper completely free of charge.  All the plastic bags collected will be sent for recycling.

“It’s not quite as easy to swap your furniture for a fair trade option as it is your tea, coffee or chocolate but we wanted to show support for this increasingly important annual event co-ordinated by the Fair Trade Foundation and came up with the ‘big bag swap’ as a way of taking part,”  commented Simon, director of Myakka.    

To claim your FREE jute shopper, simply send ten carrier bags with a return address to: 

Myakka Ltd, Tythings Commercial Centre, Wincanton, Somerset, BA9 9EQ  

You will then be sent a reusable, fair trade jute bag completely free of charge – we would just ask that you register your swap with the Fair Trade Foundation’s online “swap-o-meter” at  This year’s ‘Big Swap’ is aiming to generate over one million and one swaps over the two week period and change the lives of millions of suppliers around the World.

Last year, Myakka’s team were part of the record breaking fair trade banana eating campaign which took place between 6th and 7th March 2009. Over 380,000 campaigners each ate a fair trade banana during the 24 hour period, smashing the previous record.

Georgie concluded, “Most people associate the fair trade label with tea, coffee and chocolate production.  There are many more items produced following fair trade principles which help to offer the people involved what we in the UK take for granted.  Fair Trade Fortnight and ‘The Big Swap’ campaign is a great opportunity to raise awareness of this.”

 Fair trade Fortnight


This offer has now expired. We would like to thank everyone who took part!

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SKSN School featured in Channel 4 documentary

Friday, 5 February 2010

SKSN School is featured in one of the latest episodes of channel 4’s Bodyshock series, “The Girl with Eight Limbs Grows Up”. Lakshmi Tatma was born with a conjoined twin, attached at the front of her hip, giving her the appearance of eight limbs. Immediately she was worshiped by her parents and village as the Hindu Goddess Lakshmi, the eight limbed goddess of wealth and prosperity. She is now happy and flourishing at SKSN School after having endured an 18 hour operation to remove her half formed twin. Since her operation last year, Lakshmi and her family have received care at SKSN School where her father works in the school kitchen with Lakshmi and her older brother attending school. This is a rare opportunity to see the great work of SKSN School, but hurry the documentary is only available on channel 4OD until the end of February


Over the past 3 years Myakka has been supporting the SKSN School in Rajasthan through financial donations, provision of equipment and development of the School’s vocational training centre.  The school is home to 550 physically challenged children and around 50 fully able students.  This programme gives everyone involved with Myakka a chance to see the exciting work that SKSN does and the benefit they have within the community and wider area.  


To read more about the fantastic work at SKSN or make a donation directly to the school, please visit




For more information on how Myakka has worked with the SKSN Schoool please see previous blogs entries  Myakka provides new desks for SKSN students  and Indian Supplier Visit: SKSN update.

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Wood Furniture Care

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Solid hardwood furniture is generally very hardy.  The characteristics of the woods used in Myakka’s furniture require minimal maintenance and can take the stress of day to day life while still looking fantastic.


Indian Sheesham wood is used in both the Mallani and Thakat ranges of Myakka’s furniture collection and has a rich chestnut colour.  The dense heartwood polishes to a deep lustre which emphasis the enchanting natural patterns. Select this link to read more about Sheesham Wood.


Myakka use Indian Acacia wood in their lighter coloured Khimsar range. Stated in the bible as the wood Noah used to build the Ark, Acacia is a particularly dense and durable rapid growing hardwood.  Select this link to read more about Acacia Wood


Each piece of timber is kiln dried to stabilise its properties and hand waxed to protect and deepen the lustre of the distinctive grain.  Once in your home, to protect and nourish your new furniture we recommend the use of Mylands Antique Mahogany Wax.  We suggest applying an initial coat, then dependant on your usage re-wax the furniture approximately every six months to maintain the gorgeous deep lustre.  Areas of high use such as coffee tables may require waxing slightly more often.  We do not advise the use of any silicon based furniture polish or wax.  Click here to see a short instruction video showing how to wax your furniture.



We strongly recommend the use of coasters and mats to protect the polished surfaces from the wax bloom caused by contact with heat or liquids.  Light ring marks and scratches can often easily be removed at home which is the advantage of solid wood furniture over veneer finishes. Click here to see a short demonstration video showing how to remove signs of wear.


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