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Wood Furniture Care

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Solid hardwood furniture is generally very hardy.  The characteristics of the woods used in Myakka’s furniture require minimal maintenance and can take the stress of day to day life while still looking fantastic.


Indian Sheesham wood is used in both the Mallani and Thakat ranges of Myakka’s furniture collection and has a rich chestnut colour.  The dense heartwood polishes to a deep lustre which emphasis the enchanting natural patterns. Select this link to read more about Sheesham Wood.


Myakka use Indian Acacia wood in their lighter coloured Khimsar range. Stated in the bible as the wood Noah used to build the Ark, Acacia is a particularly dense and durable rapid growing hardwood.  Select this link to read more about Acacia Wood


Each piece of timber is kiln dried to stabilise its properties and hand waxed to protect and deepen the lustre of the distinctive grain.  Once in your home, to protect and nourish your new furniture we recommend the use of Mylands Antique Mahogany Wax.  We suggest applying an initial coat, then dependant on your usage re-wax the furniture approximately every six months to maintain the gorgeous deep lustre.  Areas of high use such as coffee tables may require waxing slightly more often.  We do not advise the use of any silicon based furniture polish or wax.  Click here to see a short instruction video showing how to wax your furniture.



We strongly recommend the use of coasters and mats to protect the polished surfaces from the wax bloom caused by contact with heat or liquids.  Light ring marks and scratches can often easily be removed at home which is the advantage of solid wood furniture over veneer finishes. Click here to see a short demonstration video showing how to remove signs of wear.


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