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Bag-swapping success and your chance to win £50!

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

We would like to say a big thank you to everyone who sent in ten carrier bags to claim their free Myakka fair trade jute bag and supported fair trade fortnight. 


We have been truly overwhelmed with more than 550 people sending in over 5,500 carrier bags.  We’re in the process of sending out hundreds of fair trade jute bags in return so if you haven’t received your jute bag yet please be patient it should be with you shortly!  Please do make sure you register your swap on the online ‘swap-o-metre’ to help reach the nationwide target of one million and one swaps – click here to visit the Fair Trade Foundation website.


FTF lots of bags (copy)


Because of the success of our Big Bag Swap and all those lovely Myakka bags in use around the country, our customer service expert Heather had an excellent idea... to ask you to submit a picture of yourself with your Myakka bag in the most exciting / exotic / unusual / interesting place possible. 


We’d love to see all the good uses that our bags are put to, so please use your imagination and take a picture of yourself (or ask a nice person to take it for you) with your Myakka jute bag and send it  Our trusty dog Floe has a very artistic eye and will select a winner each month who will receive a £50 Myakka voucher to spend as they choose on our great selection of fair trade Sheesham & Acacia furniture, home accessories and giftware.  We will post the winning picture (along with any close contenders) on our blog each month for everyone to see – the first judging session will be on 31st March so get snapping!

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