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A guide to creating the perfect home office

Thursday, 15 April 2010

With more and more people working from home, the market for home office furniture has been booming.  Buying a desk for your home is certainly not as straightforward as purchasing for the traditional workplace – the furniture will often be situated within the heart of your home where a modern workstation may not compliment your room scheme.  With space at a premium and many rooms having dual functions, it is essential that when ‘not at work’ your desk space can be enjoyed for its own beauty and be useful within the room.


One viable alternative is to look towards solid wood furniture, designed with the same functionality as a modern work station, but with a natural beauty which fits into your home more discreetly, allowing you to use the room and the furniture itself for other purposes when not working from home.  Here are some useful key points to consider when making your choice:


  • Size and space – If a room is used as an office as well as another function (guest room, music room), do consider the space that you are willing to allocate to your work station.  If space is tight, try to opt for a petite office desk and clever storage options.


  • Storage options - remember that working from home often entails more than just a laptop on a desk, there is also your printer, paperwork, files and other work paraphernalia to be housed.  Look to purchase complementing furniture such as bookcases, filing cabinets and other storage options to keep your work area functional and allow your office clutter to be stored out of sight once the working day is over.


  • Finish and style – as mentioned, it’s not always attractive to have an ultra-modern work station sitting in prime position within your home.  There are lots of great alternatives on the market today, including traditional style and solid wood desks, filing cabinets & bookcases which may be more appropriate for the style of your home. 


Finally, remember that this is a purchase for your home and is furniture that will hopefully be with you for many years.  A few extra pounds of investment on a high quality product now could save you money in the long run… cheapest is not always the best!


office crop for blogpetite  office desk crop

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