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Myakka Christmas Party… in January?!

Friday, 28 January 2011

Last Saturday saw the whole Myakka team celebrate Christmas with our annual Christmas party, this time and for the first time in January! The bad weather before Christmas meant that our first and second attempts at the party were put on hold. The next available date was chosen as the 22nd January 2011, which coincided nicely with the end of our sale.

 Despite the Christmas period being well and truly over, everyone managed to dig out their glad rags, add a little festive sparkle to their outfits and join the other groups of people at the Olive Bowl in Gillingham who had their Christmas shindig delayed. We all enjoyed a delicious 3 course meal, followed by our much delayed Secret Santa presents which caused much laughter as gifts were opened and everyone was trying to work out who gave who what? (This by the way, is still all a mystery - much too some peoples frustration!) Highlights of the Secret Santa include a pink feather bra, pant shaped hand warmers, a washing up set (for those who struggle with it) and an almost impossible origami kit as well as some more unmentionable items!

The dance floor then became the next big attraction with every single member of the team gracing the floor with some high energy dance moves which included all the boys attempting to do something that resembled the can-can!

Alas, the end of the night soon caught up with us and we all went home to wake up on Sunday morning with a sore head and plastic Christmas cracker ring still on!

A great night was had by all so a big THANK YOU goes to the Olive Bowl and Myakka for a fantastic night.

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Hurry – Sale ends this weekend!

Thursday, 20 January 2011


Our winter sale draws to a close this weekend so there has been no better time to shop for some great deals.  The sale ends on Sunday 23rd January go get in quick to secure yourself a great bargain.

We also have some great final reductions which have been reduced even more!

     ~Mallani Glazed Sideboard usually £529, then £429 NOW only £349 saving a massive £180!

     ~Khimsar Console Table usually £199.00, then £139.30 NOW only £119.40 saving a huge 40%!

     ~Decorative Hexagonal Lantern usually £34.95, then £27.96 NOW only £17.48 saving a whopping 50%!

    ~Thakat Console Table usually £199.00, then £139.30 NOW only £119.40 saving a great 40%!

     ~Patchwork Cushions, available in 4 colours usually £19.95, then £13.97 NOW only £9.98 saving an enormous 50%!

     ~Mallani Slat Bookcase usually £349.00, then £244.30 NOW only £199.00 saving a great £150!

     ~Khimsar Mini Bookcase usually £199.00, then £139.30 NOW only £113.40 saving a massive 40%


     ~Wool Stripe Rug available in 2 colours was £199, then £127.46 NOW only £99.95 saving a huge £50!

With these and some great deals to look out for there are going to be a deal out there to suit everyone!

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BAFTS – promoting Fair Trade retailing in Britain

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

If you are a regular reader of our blog or receive our newsletter you may have noticed that we mention BAFTS as part of our Fair Trade credentials.  As BAFTS are so important to Myakka and our suppliers, we thought it may be useful to explain both who they are and what they do. BAFTS stands for the British Association for Fair Trade Shops and is a network of independent businesses across the UK who:

     ~focus on fair trade retailing in the UK – allowing producers to reach the marketplace on the fairest possible terms

     ~seek to raise the profile of fair trade on the High Street

     ~provide a forum for its members to share ideas and communicate

     ~campaign to promote fair trade and trade justice

BAFTS recognises Importers, Retailers and more recently Self-Sourcing Retailers, which is the category that Myakka now falls into as we import our furniture directly from the manufacturer for retail here in the UK.   All BAFTS members stock must be at least 70% fair trade products and here at Myakka, we also select our UK-based suppliers on their fair trade credentials, ideally sourcing only from BAFTS recognised importers.  Myakka is proud to have been recognised by BAFTS since 2006.

The official BAFTS definition of Fair Trade is:
    “Fair Trade is a trading partnership, based on dialogue, transparency and respect, which seeks

 greater equity in international trade. It contributes to sustainable development by offering better

 trading  conditions to, and securing the rights of, marginalized producers and workers.”

To gain recognition from BAFTS, each member has to complete a full business assessment which is then reviewed annually.  BAFTS make assessments based on the FINE principles of fair trade which include the following:

     ~paying fair prices to producers which reflect the true cost of production

     ~supporting producer organisations in their social and environmental projects

     ~promoting gender equality in pay and working conditions

     ~advising on product development to increase access to markets

     ~committing to long term relationships to provide stability and security

     ~campaigning to highlight the unequal system of world trade which places profit above human rights and threatens our environment.

If you would like to find your local BAFTS registered shop then please visit the BAFTS website by clicking here [link]. There is also more information on BAFTS as well as links to other useful sites on fair trade.

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10 Ways to kick the January Blues

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

After the buzz of the festive period is over, January can sometimes make us all feel a little low. We all overindulge over Christmas and there is always the price to pay in January. With this in mind we have come up with our top ten ways to beat the January blues and kick start the new year!

1. Exercise

Even doing a little bit of exercise is good for us. Whether shrinking that Christmas bulge or getting some fresh air, exercise releases the happy hormones, endorphins, which lift our mood and make us feel better. Also being outside in the daylight means that we produce more serotonin which lifts our moods even more.

2. Eat Well

If the overindulgence of Christmas has taken its toll, then making a few changes to your diet cannot only help shift a few pounds but also makes us feel a lot better and happier. January is the time for adding some super foods into your diet and taking out alcohol and sugar.

3. Try Something New

January is the perfect time of year to try something new. Whether it be learning a new skill, taking up a new hobby or learning a new sport. Learning new things is great for keeping our brains active and is a great way to meet new people.

4. Plan an active social life

Keeping busy and social can help us feeling cheery in the New Year. After the commotion of Christmas and New Years, January can often feel very quiet. Keep your diary full to stop yourself becoming down in the dumps.

5. Plan a holiday

Having something to look forward to is always a great way to improve your mood. Take some time to plan your perfect trip and find the best deal. This not only gives you something to focus on now but also gives you something to look forward to.

6. Sale shopping

You either love it or hate it but shopping make a lot of us feel better. Finding a great bargain in the sale make us feel great and there are always plenty of bargains to be had!

7. Have a tidy out

This is spring cleaning come early. With festivities of Christmas a distant memory but the clutter a current problem having a clear out can help us feel better as well as giving us more space and making us realise how much stuff we have and don’t ever use.

8 . Rearrange a room

Whether you are trying to introduce the principles of Feng Shui or just fancy a little change around. Rearranging a room can rearrange your perspectives. If you had ever thought that your bedroom is the wrong way around, now is the time to change it.

9 . Make a New Year's resolution you can keep

Nearly everyone starts the New Year with a resolution, but nearly all of us fall at the first hurdle. Take some time out to think about what you actually want to achieve and then give yourself small attainable goals that will help you reach your overall aim.

10. Catch up on sleep

Doctors suggest that we need seven to ten hours of sleep a night so try and get that every night. Keep your sleep pattern regular with your bedtime and waking time consistent so your body knows what to expect.

However you decide to beat the January Blues, all of us here at Myakka would like to wish you a very Happy New Year!

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