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Mango Wood Furniture - our new Pali range

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

March has seen the introduction of something completely new for Myakka, a range completely crafted from solid Mango wood. Mango wood is a truly sustainable hardwood as it is first grown for fruit and as it gets older and larger and stops producing fruit the timber is then used to make furniture.  Mango trees are very fast growing and will reach around 80 – 100ft in height and about 3-4 ft in diameter in about 20 years. After they have reached their full height the tree stops producing or produces a lot less fruit and so is then used for timber. After the trees have been cut down new trees are planted to ensure that the cycle continues making this tropical timber truly sustainable.

The grain of Mango wood is more subtle than Sheesham or Acacia furniture. This means that the Pali range will complement your existing furniture and harmonise with your home décor. The Pali range has decorative groves to help distinguish the clean lines of the design and is finished with solid mango knob handles which gives a clean, subtle finish and adds a touch of finesse.  To finish, the Pali range is waxed by hand to give its rich brown colour.

Mango wood is the perfect addition to Myakka as it offers us a chance to bring you a brand new furniture range crafted from the most sustainable wood we could find. Classic and subtle in design the Pali range encompasses everything you might expect from Myakka, quality hard wood furniture that is designed and built to last a lifetime.

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Fair Trade Tea Party to support Fair Trade Fortnight

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Last Tuesday we held a Tea party to support fair trade fortnight and showed off our label. Fair Trade fortnight is an annual event organised by the fair trade foundation. This year the theme is show off your label which we did with fair trade T-shirts balloons, bunting and of course all the essential foods for a tea party including lots of cake!

We had a great selection of cakes made using fair trade ingredients including coffee, chocolate, lemon, banana and ginger. We also had a great selection of fair trade fruits and nuts and the essential tea, coffee and hot chocolate. The whole team got involved in making the cakes and taking some time out to enjoy the culinary masterpieces.

Of course all this is for a great cause – promoting the importance of fair trade. The whole fortnight aim is to promote how fair trade improves the lives of thousands of people and communities around the world. To find out more about fair trade fortnight and the fair trade foundation simply click here.

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