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Thursday, 28 July 2011

Timber Donations

Sometimes the  furniture we send out to our customers, unfortunately (despite our best efforts!) is returned to us with some transit damage. A lot of this furniture is sold on as seconds at a discounted price from our Warehouse Outlet in Wincanton, Somerset. However there has been some very sad pieces sat in our warehouse for some time now which are past the point of repair for even the most talented carpenter with an eye for bargain. So we were faced with a dilemma, what to do with this furniture tucked away  in the corner of our warehouse?


After some discussion in the office we contacted a few local schools to see if any would be interested in some damaged furniture. Fortunately a local school was very interested in having the furniture to use as timber for the A level design students. Within a few days Gillingham School had come and collected the furniture and had started to prepare the old furniture into timber boards ready for use.  The school has also taken the time to make us a box from some Sheesham wood to say both thank you and as an example of the kind of thing that the wood will be used for.

Here at Myakka we have a strong ethos and fair trade links everything we do. For this reason we love being able to donate our unwanted furniture to a good cause, where it is going to be used for something worthwhile. We hate to let any of resources go to waste so this is the perfect solutions for us.


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