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From tree to cupboard

Monday, 23 January 2012

Myakka furniture goes through a long process: from an idea to be a finished piece of furniture. We thought we would share with you the process from tree to being a beautiful piece of hard wood furniture for your home.

We are always listening to our customer request for new furniture designs and are always keen to hear your ideas. Using this information our in house Designers set about designing new furniture pieces that we think would look beautiful in your home. Once these designs have been finalised, they are sent over to our supplier in India who make up these designs. We always time one of our bi-annual visits to our suppliers in India to work with them to finalise these designs and make sure we are 100% happy with the final item. During these visits we also monitor the quality of existing products and ensure working conditions are up to scratch.

The next step is to await the sample to arrive at Myakka in Somerset. Everything is shipped over from India rather than flown (to be kinder to the environment) so patience is the name of the game as we all eagerly await the new prototypes to arrive.  Once arrived and after a thorough inspection,   the final decision is then made on the item, if liked it goes to be photographed and a detailed specification is made up; or if not so successful it moves into the Clearance section of our Warehouse Outlet. For successful items it is down to our suppliers for the next 10-12 weeks as they manufacture the new items.

The wood is sourced from government maintained plantations which ensures the sustainability of the wood. Sheesham is a fast growing hardwood and the trees are mature within 10-15 years, making it a truly sustainable material. The wood is then processed into timber, kiln dried and treated with insecticides to kill any bugs. This is then used by the skilled carpenters who change it into the furniture we know and love.  If the piece of furniture requires hand carving this is outsourced to a sub contractor who are particularly skilled in this to ensure the most beautiful craftsmanship.

Once these samples have been finalised, approved and are in production we get down to the business of photography, adding it to the website and into the catalogue. All in all the whole process takes about 6 months to complete, from design to the catalogue and finally to your home.

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