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Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Turn your lights off for Earth Hour!

Earth Hour
This year we will once again be supporting Earth Hour. This is an annual, worldwide event, organised by WWF to help draw attention to climate change and how everyone can reduce their impact on the world. At 8.30pm on Saturday 31st March hundreds of lights will be turned off around the world for one hour.

Taking part is really simple; all you have to do is turn your lights of for one hour- Easy! Then simply register your event online so you can help your country have the most lights turned off! Or if you wanted to go a step further why not hold an event such as a candle lit dinner party. The Earth Hour website has lots of recipe ideas perfect for candle lit suppers. If cooking is not your strong point, why not  invite your friends around for a candle lit board game and a chat. If you would like more ideas on how to support Earth Hour, why not visit the Earth Hour website to see how other people are celebrating earth hour and to find local events.

Remember taking part in earth hour is just the start we can all do little things every day to help minimise the effect we have on the environment. What will you do? To find out more click here

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