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Thursday, 12 April 2012

Simon and Robert have just returned from the first of our two annual trips to India to visit our suppliers and SKSN school who we help support. This was Roberts first ever trip to India -  the whole trip was a real eye opener for him! Once again lots of the new samples were gone through and signed off.

One of the main reasons for visiting our suppliers is to sign off new samples and to build on the excellent relationship that we have with our suppliers. It also gives us the chance to develop new relationship with new suppliers as well as monitor the whole supply chain to make sure all Myakka furniture is fair trade. A selection of samples were signed of including new additions to our new Orissa range and more additions to our Mallani, Thakat, Chandra and Hathi ranges.

During the trip Robert celebrated his birthday with some chocolate cake and a ride in a cart pulled by a camel. As part of our supplier’s birthday tradition, Simon and Robert visited a community for sufferers of leprosy and delivered food and sweets to those in need.

Simon and Robert also visited SKSN School which regular readers of our blog will know we support with donations and through the vocational training scheme which produces some of our cushions such as our Pure Silk Cushions.

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