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Find the perfect TV Unit for watching the games!

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

If you are like most of us here in the Myakka office and unsuccessful with getting any Olympic tickets you may well be watching the games from the comfort of your own home. Well how about upgrading you television unit to make that viewing experience a little more enjoyable?

Finding the right TV Caninet can make your TV look more at home and with televisions becoming more and more technical and clever having a solid wood TV Unit can make your TV and all its added extras, less invasive. Myakka has a great selection of TV Units including Corner TV Units perfect where space is tight, as well as a great selection of TV Units that can be used flat against the wall. So whether you are looking for a unit to for your 50” Smart 3D screen or for something a little more modest we have the perfect unit for you!

For the widescreen fans!

We have an ever growing selection of TV units especially designed for widescreen Televisions including the Mallani Easy View Corner TV Unit which has been designed using  our popular Mallani Corner TV Cabinet as a guide, but for room to accommodate a larger screen and includes an extra shelf for DVD players, digiboxes and games consoles as well as a large cupboard for storing all the DVDs and games you need.

The Mallani Widescreen TV Unit is, as the name suggests, perfect from widescreens, it is a practical 140cm wide so can hold the widest screen with ease. It comes complete with two roomy cupboards, 3 shelves for the necessary accessories and an expansive top surface. 

Both the Chandra TV Console and the Mallani TV Console are both made from solid Sheesham wood and make a perfect home for you TV. With either metal handles that complement the geometric lines of Mallani or the curved cut out handles with contoured plinth and smooth edges of the Chandra TV Console. Both these units have a large top surface, open shelf and two roomy drawers perfect for DVD storage.

If the two TV consoles above aren’t quite tall enough then the Mallani Clear View TV Console may be the perfect alternative, taller than our other two consoles this unit provides a roomy cupboard instead of drawers as well as offering a large top surface and an open shelf.

For the corner devotees!

Corner TV units are becoming more and more popular as they fit efficiently into the corner of your room which may otherwise go unused. Our most popular corner unit is the Mallani Corner TV Cabinet. Made from solid Sheesham wood this unit provides a neat solution with a sizeable cupboard and open shelf as well a good size top surface.

The Pali Corner TV Unit offers a slightly larger width of corner unit which makes it perfect for the slightly wider TV screen. Made from solid Mango wood with its naturally soft grain this unit offers a wide shelf and a generous cupboard.

If you want something with a little more eastern style then the Hathi Corner TV Unit features four hand carved elephants motifs.  The design of this unit is based on the best selling Mallani Corner TV Cabinet so the dimensions are very similar making it the perfect alternative.

Another couple of options in Sheesham wood is both the Chandra Corner TV Unit and Thakat Corner TV Unit. Both offer a shelf for peripherals and an open top for your TV. The Chandra Corner TV Unit has a useful cupboard for storage while the Thakat Corner TV Unit offers a convenient drawer perfect for DVD storage. The Thakat Corner TV Unit is slightly more petite in proportions making in perfect for smaller spaces.

If you are looking for a lighter wood then the Khimsar Corner TV Unit may be the answer. Made from solid acacia wood this lighter wood has a lovely warm honey colour which makes it the perfect alternative to sheesham.

For the smaller TV enthusiasts!

As well as offering a large range of corner TVs units and units suitable for the widest screen we also have a great range of flat backed TV units. One of the customer favourites is the Mallani Tall TV Unit although it isn’t as wide as some it will still accommodate a good size TV and has lots of room for storage.

Two TV units that are similar in size and design are the Mallani Low Level TV Unit and the Chandra TV Unit. Both these units offer a good open space for the TV a large, deep shelf for all the necessary peripherals and two good sized drawers.

If you are looking for something more decorative then the Portcullis TV Unit may be the answer, offering warmly grained Sheesham wood with traditional Indian iron work pattern.  This more compact unit offers a shelf for your digibox and a cupboard for storage.  Another more decorative option is the Hathi TV Unit. This unit includes four hand carved elephant panels and offers a good amount of storage with a cupboard and 2 shelves.

If Sheesham isn’t the wood for you then we have options in both subtle grained Mango wood and golden hued Acacia wood. The Pali TV Unit is made from solid mango and will accommodate a widescreen easily. With both a shelf and a cupboard this unit is a little taller than some so gives great viewing height.

The Khimsar TV Unit is made from solid acacia wood which is slightly lighter in colour. It comes complete with an open shelf and cupboard with the Khimsar antique style handles. This unit is a slightly more petite option perfect for smaller TVs or smaller rooms.

However you are watching the Olympics and Paralympics we hope they are a success. We always find ourselves watching new sports we wouldn’t normally watch during the games. We are hoping to discover a whole new sport to follow or even play… maybe we could have a go at handball? 

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