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Monday, 6 August 2012

You may have noticed that over the last few months Myakka have started using Facebook and Twitter a lot more. This is because we want to hear from all our lovely customers about what they like, what they want and their Myakka experiences. Not only are we on Facebook and Twitter but we are also on Google+, You Tube and Pinterest. We want to get to know more about our lovely customers so we can make sure we are doing the right things to keep you happy.

If you are completely new to social media, Pinterest is a great way to get started. To try and put it simply, Pinterest is about encouraging people to ‘pin’ images of things they love.  So whether it is an amazing cake you have seen, your next bit of furniture and an item of clothing you love. As well as pining anything you love you can also browse through hundreds of other pinners ‘pins’, you can select a category, such as Architecture, Outdoors, gardening and Home Décor, and browse hundreds of ideas.

Twitter is the most quick and easy of social networks. Users  can send and receive text messages of up to 140 characters, the messages are known as Tweets. One of the best things about Twitter is that you can follow anyone you like, so it could be your favourite celebrity, sport star and chef, or even just your friends. Remember any one can follow you and read your tweets so don’t tweet anything you wouldn’t want everyone to know.  Twitter is also famous for hash tagging, this is simply a way of identifying what your tweet is about so others can search for it. So for example if you wanted to tweet about the Olympics you would simply write ‘#olympics...’ somewhere is your tweet. Twitter can identify what subjects are trending, right now trending is #showjumping and #Peter Charles (GB has just won a gold at the Olympics in the show jumping!)

Facebook is probably the most famous out of all the social networking sites. You have to register with Facebook to be able to set up your own profile and get started. Once you’re registered you can add friends and look at their profiles. You can also like anything you’re interested in such as your favourite companies, activities, sports and celebrities. One you are friends with someone or like something you will receive update about what they are up to on Facebook such as status updates, new friends and new likes.  One of the best things about Facebook is being able to set your own security, so if you don’t want everyone seeing your information you can make it private and only share information you want to.

Google + is the new up and coming social networking site.  It allows you to create circles of friends, so you can create a family circle, school friends, work colleagues circles (or any other circles you like). This allows you to have great control of what information you share with which of your friends.

So if you feel like you would like to have a go at social networking (it really is very easy) then why not. It is really easy to get started and there are loads of things to do and learn. Don’t forget to follow, like, friend Myakka to keep up to date with all that is happening here and more importantly let us know what you think. We love to hear comments and reviews and we especially like to see pictures of our lovely customers new Myakka furniture  in their homes. It brings a smile to our face every time!

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