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Myakka supporting the Paralympics!

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Myakka have been working with SKSN School in Jodhpur since 2008 when Simon and Georgie first visited the school. Since then we have been donating money, equipment and building trade links with the school in the form of the Vocational Training Centre (VTC).  SKSN School is home for just over 550 physically challenged children and approximately 50 fully able day scholars. Although the boys and girls study together, they have their own separate boarding facilities.  Both, boarding and educational facilities are provided free of charge and the school receives very limited state funding, which is why it is vital they receive support from companies such as Myakka.

During our twice yearly visits to SKSN Georgie, Simon, Alexandra and Robert have all had the opportunity to meet Janak Singh, a hopeful Paralympic athlete. Janak is a wheel chair racer and his dream is to compete in the Paralympics.  Janek is only 19 and contracted Polio when he was younger resulting in the loss of use of his legs from an early age.  Unfortunately he hasn’t been successful in making it to London this time round because he was not registered to the appropriate body in India, despite taking part in many official races including the British Wheelchair Championship. Despite this Janak is determined to make it to Rio 2016!

SKSN School which is part of the Indiabilty Foundation is now working on developing IMAGE clubs (Indian Mixed Ability Group Events) across India with the help of Laureus Sport for Good Foundation. At the IMAGE clubs children compete against each other in teams of both disabled and able-bodied children in sports such as athletics, archery, cricket and indoor games. All the children participate together, this helps to breaks down barriers and creates friendships across groups who would not normally come into contact with each other.

After the amazing atmosphere of the Olympics and the success of the British athletes there we are all hoping the Paralympics, which was founded in Britain, is as successful. Fingers crossed for all those athletes taking part and all those training for the future. They are all a real inspiration.

To find out more about Janak and the Indiability Foundation that supports Janak please click here.

To find out more about the IMAGE project which is supported by Laureus please click here

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