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The Perfect Dining Room Furniture

Thursday, 30 August 2012

Here at Myakka we recognise the importance of choosing the right dining furniture for you. Dining furniture is often a significant investment and making sure that it is right for you and your family is vital to make sure you get many happy years use from it! So to help with making that decision we have put together a useful guide to our dining tables including are New Mallani Round Dining Table.

One of the first steps is looking at the amount of space you have available, remember to factor in the space chairs take up and the fact that people need to get in and out of the chairs and around the table. 

Then you need to look at how many people will be sitting around the dining table, for special occasions such as Christmas and every day living, the important thing to remember is that it has to be practical for everyday dining.

Once you have the dimensions and the number of people the table has to sit, then you can start to look at the different styles that are available to you. All of the Myakka dining furniture is made from solid Sheesham wood and is avaliable in sets with dining tables and chairs. 

The new Mallani Round Dining Table sits four people comfortably and will sit 6 people for special occasions. A round table is really social as it allows the whole table to see and converse more easily, it also feels more informal as there is no head of the tables and feels a lot more inclusive.

If you wanted something more traditional but have a smaller space the Mallani Small Dining Table may be perfect. At 90cm wide and 150cm long this table will comfortably sit four people but will easily stretch to six when needed. 

If the small dining table sounds perfect for everyday use but you need something bigger from time to time, then the Mallani Extending Dining Table may make the perfect alternative. The central section is the same size as the Mallani Small Dining Table and there are two leaves that that slide into the central section to extend the surface by 90cm making it 240cm long and big enough to sit 6 very comfortably all the way up to 10 guests.

If you have a larger room and have a big family or lots of guests the Mallani Large Dining Table may be the ideal table.  At 2m long and 1m wide this table is perfect for entertaining. Wide enough to be able to handle all the food and crockery that celebrations bring and long enough to sit 8 people comfortably. This table is perfect for busy, friendly homes.

Whatever size table suits you, the chairs are the next essential requirement. We have a selection of four different style chairs. Our most popular chairs are the Mallani Upholstered Chairs. Finished with a cotton-rich natural colour chair pad these chairs would feel at home with any décor. Both smart and comfortable these chairs are a really popular option. 

If you wanted to add your won seat pad then we have three other chairs that may suit. The Delhi Dining Chairs are neat and compact. If you like something a little more ornate then the Hathi Dining Chairs are perfect. With a carved elephant panels on the front and the back of the chair and turned legs these chairs are very decorative. The Cross Back Chairs offer a nice tall back and slightly curved support, these chairs are perfect for long comfortable dinner parties.

Whatever you choose, all the Myakka dining furniture is classic in design and will last a lifetime. With an occasional wax and polish, the solid Sheesham wood will keep giving a natural lustre and shine time and time again. Remember all Myakka dining tables are available as sets with the choice of four different chair styles to suit you.

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