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Your perfect storage solution

Friday, 24 May 2013

Here at Myakka we are passionate about designing furniture that fits into your home and into your lifestyle. We know that every piece of furniture has to look great and function perfectly. So whether you need a coffee table that also offers loads of storage for magazines and toys or you need the perfect piece of hallway furniture to help tidy away all the families’ shoes, we have the perfect pieces of furniture for you.

Hallways are always prone to clutter, whether it be more than one pair of shoes, or perhaps coats and bags taken off the thrown down. To help we have a great selection of storage solutions specifically designed to fit your hallway.

If shoes are your main problem then perhaps a storage seat is the answer, designed to be sat on whilst you take off your shoes which are then tidied away under the seat into the cupboard. We have a range of designs and sizes so you can find the right one for your home.

Console tables are also great for the hallways. They provide the perfect perch to put the keys and the post on as well as drawers and a shelf or two for those shoes and bags. They are designed to be narrow enough for your hallway so they don’t take up too much space but provides the ideal amount of storage.

We specifically designed the Mallani Hallway Cupboard to be used in the busiest walkway in your home. With three drawers perfectly sized to take daily essentials such as hats and gloves as well as a roomy cupboard with removable mid height shelf making it adaptable to your needs. Similar to the hallway cupboard is the Mallani Open & Shut, again with three drawers but with open shelves instead of a cupboard.

Living rooms often collect the most amount of clutter, from homework and magazines to CDs, DVDs and games - they all need somewhere to live. A storage coffee table is the perfect solution for a busy family. It offers the important surface area for everyday family living and that all important home for a cup of coffee as well as offering storage for everything from remote controls, magazines and records (records fit especially well in the Chandra Storage Coffee Table).

TVs now nearly always come with the need for a lot of paraphernalia; Sky or Freeview boxes, DVD players and then game console as well as all the inevitable cables and wires. Our TV Units are designed for modern living. Many have useful cupboard doors so it can all be shut away to give a calming appearance. We have even designed some bigger units to suit the wider TVs and all of its extras, the Mallani Widescreen TV Unit is perfect for a wide TV and offers lots of useful storage or the Mallani Easy View Corner TV Unit offers the same useful space and storage but fits neatly into your corner. 

Bedrooms are another room that seems to attract clutter. There never seems to be enough room to store clothes, toys, accessories and spare bedding and towels. Our blanket boxes offer and amazing amount of storage in a small footprint. They are perfect for the kid’s toys or how about storing all your bulky winter jumpers through the summer months. Our blanket bokes are perfect for the foot of the bed and provide a useful perch for putting on your shoes.

We have lots of great storage solutions perfect for your home so whether you just want a little help storing your extra clutter or you are looking for a whole new revamp, we have a great selection of furniture to suit you.

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