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We Support Liftshare Week

Monday, 30 September 2013

Over the last few years we have been supporting Liftshare Week, an initiative that encourages all of us to share lifts where possible.  As part of the Myakka ethos we are very aware of the environment and we are always trying to reduce our carbon footprint and our environmental impact. This year Liftshare week runs from Monday 7th to Friday 11th October and is the perfect time to see if you can find someone to lift share with. 

There are loads of reasons to car share such as
  • Saving money – the typical commuter who car-shares every day saves about £1000
  • Good for the environment
  • Journeys are more fun and sociable
  • It reduces stress as there are less cars on the road
  • Meet new people
 And as an added bonus you could win £250 for car-sharing. Simply add your journey to the Liftshare website and you will be entered into the competition to win some money!

If you are looking to share your journey, then simply add your details onto the liftshare website to find people making similar journeys to you.  It is very simple and you could half your commuting costs! You don’t even need to drive and have a car to join, there are lots of people out there willing to do all the driving for a contribution.

So don’t delay – sign up here today!

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