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A little introduction to Trees4Trees

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

This autumn we are delighted to welcome a brand new range to Myakka, our exclusive Kediri Teak furniture. Initially a capsule collection with more to come in Spring 2014, this is our first range of furniture using Teak hardwood. Timber sourcing is very important to us here at Myakka and to ensure there is teak for generations to come, we have become a voluntary supporter of Trees4Trees. This is a not-for-profit foundation that empowers local communities in Indonesia with reforestation initiatives and related education programmes.

Trees4Trees operate at the grassroot level, supplying seedlings to local communities along with advice about caring for the trees as they grow. The foundation teaches farmers and land owners about the benefit of the trees to their community and the local environment. The seedlings that are provide are high value, tropical woods such as Teak, Mahogany and Mango along with other local timbers. Long term guidance and monitoring continue as well as market assistance to ensure that the tree growers maximise the value of the timber.  The location of each seedling is recorded by GPS and the plantings are monitored on a regular basis by the programme.  

The idea behind Trees4Trees is to promote sustainable forest management and help reduce poverty in rural areas. When forestry is implemented in partnership with communities it can raise standards of living and contribute to positive development. By working with local communities, Trees4Trees both help the environment, educate local people and provide a source of revenue for the future.  

As part of the monitoring process, Trees4Trees work with students of local agricultural colleges, training them as Field Coordinators. Working with full time Trees4Trees employees these students gain hands on experience, earn a wage and often benefit the programme with their knowledge of local villages, people and the lay of the land.

Trees4Trees is mostly funded by responsible manufacturers and retailers like Myakka. For every piece of Kediri teak we sell, we make a voluntary contribution to Trees 4Trees, helping to ensure there is a viable supply of Teak wood for the future. Every piece of Kediri Teak furniture from Myakka arrives with a tag which details its WIN (World Identification Number). Using this, you can track online where the new trees have been planted to replace those used in the furniture production.

All in all we try our very hardest to bring you the best possible furniture with the smallest impact on the environment and making sure that we are improving sustainability. We are very happy to be working with Trees4Trees and adding to their successful programme which is developing all the time.

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