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Amazing new carvings in our Surin Range

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Since we introduced the Surin infinity Table back in autumn 2010, our Surin range has been growing and growing. This autumn we welcome even more new products and exciting hand carved Surin pieces rich in Thai artistry. Here is a little look at the new designs and some information on what makes Surin so special.

Our Surin range is all hand carved from solid Monkey Pod wood by small family units in Thailand.  Each family unit will specialise in producing one or two designs which are passed down through the generations, so for example one family may be skilled in producing the Library Table and another family may produce the Forest Table.  Before the craftsmen can start work on a piece it must first be seasoned and then seasoned for a second time after carving. This prevents the wood from movements which can cause cracks.

As most the Surin range is carved from one piece of solid Monkey Pod wood, there is often lovely variation in each piece as every piece of wood is different.  Monkey pod wood has an interesting grain with a lot of natural variation. Some of the range has a natural finish, such as the Twist Table, this shows off the natural two-toned style of the wood showing both the sapwood and heartwood of the tree. As no two pieces are ever the same some of these tables will have a lot of the lighter sapwood with a small amount of the darker heart wood, and vice-versa with a lot of the darker heartwood and less of the lighter sapwood.  The grain of the wood will also vary between each piece; this is to do with the age of the tree with the older sections developing thicker, cleaner grain patterns.

As Surin in hand carved for natural timber, there is also chance of markings in the wood such as Pin markings and knotting. All of these are natural and part of the character and charm of the wood.  Knotting is considered to be perfectly normal in any natural wood product and is considered to be the fingerprint of a piece of wood with no two ever the same. Pin markings are normal on hand carved furniture. These may occur irregularly as the craftsmen will use extra bonding and support where needed. Small hair line cracks are a natural part of the Surin Range, this is due to the slight movement in the wood and is perfectly natural and considered part of the charm of each individual piece.

This autumn we have welcomed five new stools and tables to the Surin range as well as some very special guests. Take a look at our complete Surin range here. One of our favourite new pieces is the Surin Milking Stool, this little stool has three chunky legs and is perfect next to the sofa or as an alternative bedside table. Elephants are always popular here at Myakka so we have introduced a new Surin Round Elephant Table. Complete with intricate carving detail and a useful round surface for your drink.

One of the most exciting additions to our Surin range is the Surin Standing Elephants. These elephants are available in two sizes and each has been hand carved from a solid piece of Monkey Pod wood, created exclusively for Myakka. Friendly and lifelike, we can't resist stroking them as we walk past them in the shop!

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