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Will it fit? How to measure for new furniture...

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Making sure your new furniture will both fit into your home and look great once there is a really important part of deciding which furniture is for you. Spending a little time measuring up and thinking about the practicalities of the furniture will help ensure that you make the correct decision.

When measuring space for Myakka furniture please make sure that you take into consideration the hand made nature of the furniture. We always recommend that you allows +/- 2cm. We always use centimetres to measure our items and all measurements within our catalogue and online are cm.
It is really important to consider how the furniture will sit in your space – it needs to both look great and be functional. It is also important to consider how your new furniture will look with any of your existing furniture. 

A top tip for making sure it all fits is to make a template of the furniture from newspaper. Using dimensions given simply stick pieces of newspaper together to make a 2D template which will allow you to move it around to consider different positions (it is a lot easier to move newspaper than a heavy piece of furniture!) If you don’t have any newspaper you can also use masking tape to mark out the size of the furniture.  (This is also particularly useful when buying a new sofa or any other large piece of furniture!)

If you are left with lots of space it may be worth going bigger or adding another piece of furniture conversely you may be left with little space in which case you may want to reconsider size, design or number of furniture items. 

With your newspaper templates it is also worth considering how much free space you will have. As a general rule you need to allow space between one piece of furniture to the next, it can often look smarter if there is a space of around 30cm between one piece of furniture to the next. Chairs placed around a dining table need 50-70cm of space between the back of the chair and any walls or other items of furniture. The larger the chair the more room you will need.

Other considerations include allowing enough room for cupboard doors and drawers to open. Allow at least 80cm of space between furniture and opposite walls for walkways such as hallways and landings, this will ensure that walkways are clear and won’t appear too cluttered. Ceiling height is also an important consideration; anything too tall will make your room look squashed.  Allow for some space, about 20cm, above any tall items of furniture to ensure your room looks spacious.
One of the most important parts of measuring up is ensuring that your new furniture will fit comfortably through doorways, up any stairs and through hallways.  If you have had any major building work since you last moved furniture please measure again to ensure that the proposed furniture will fit. A return delivery charged may be levied for furniture that is not able to be delivered.

We know buying furniture is a big decision and often you may need further advice, our friendly Customer Service Team or always on hand to offer advice and have extensive range of product knowledge as well as further product dimensions and other information. Give them a call between 9am-5.30pm Monday to Friday on 0845 460 3122 or email and we will get back to as soon as we can.

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