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Top TV Units

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

The football world cup is just around the corner, so why not make your viewing experience even more enjoyable and update your TV unit to a Myakka solid hardwood cabinet.

With many TVs looking ultra-modern, it can be nice to keep a traditional solid wood TV stand to tie in with the rest of your living room furniture. We have a range of over 20 different options to suit your decor and support your TV.

When choosing your new TV unit there are a few points to consider: For example, how big is your screen? what is the weight and will your cabinet be strong enough? And then there are all the extra accoutrements that go with your TV which might need extra space for shelving, such as games consoles, Sky boxes or Blue Ray players.

As TVs are getting bigger it often means that your old TV unit isn’t wide enough to fit your new super widescreen television. To help we have come up with a list of TV units to fit your widescreen TVs. The measurement that widescreen TVs are sold in e.g. 42”, is not the width of the TV but the length diagonally of the screen. This does not include the surround or frame either, so this needs to be taken into consideration too. The basic ratio for widescreen TVs is 16:9 but to help you work it out here are some approximate sizes for you.

Size of TV (inches)
Width (cm)
Height (cm)

Our Mallani Widescreen TV Cabinet, Kediri Teak Widescreen TV Cabinet and Hathi Widescreen TV Console are all 140cm wide so will easily take a 50inch screen or even bigger. The Mallani TV Store & Drawer Sideboard is also 140cm wide and includes two large cupboards perfect for storing all the paraphernalia such as DVDs and nunchucks, the perfect mix of functionality and looks. The Mallani TV Console is great for a widescreen TV, at 130cm wide is can easily take a 50'' screen and has two useful drawers for storage.

If you have a slightly smaller TV then the Mallani Tall TV Unit is a good choice, at 110cm wide it is both practical for storage and it can hold a 42” TV easily.  The Chandra TV Unit is also a good option; at 100cm wide, and also has a roomy cupboard. The Hathi TV Unit is also 100cm wide and comes compete with four hand-carved elephants to add a touch of the east to your home.

If your TV is positioned in the corner of your room then one of our corner TV units may fit the bill. The Mallani Easy View Corner TV Unit is the widest at 100cm so can easily accommodate a 42” TV. If you have something a little smaller, then the Mallani Corner TV Unit, Orissa Corner TV Unit, Kediri Teak TV Corner Cabinet and Hathi Corner TV Unit are all 90cm wide making them perfect for any 40” Widescreen TV and will fit neatly into the corner of your room.

Our storage coffee tables also make great TV units. With a width of 110cm, they are wide enough to easily accommodate a 42” screen and have useful shelves and drawers perfect for DVDs and games. Our Mallani, Khimsar and Orissa Storage Coffee Tables make great alternative TV units.

Whatever the size of your TV we have a great range of units to suit. As they are all solid hardwood they can easily take the weight of large televisions and will make you technology look effortlessly at home.

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Top 10 Ethical Holidays

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Here at Myakka HQ we have all started to think about our summer holidays. Spending time away with our nearest and dearest can be fun but holidays away can potentially end up being harmful for the environment and local communities. But choosing an ethical holiday is actually really easy and there are lots out there to suit every taste and budget. Here are our top 10 ethical holiday ideas…

1.    Glamping in Somerset
There are some lovely campsites all around the UK but we love this one in our native Somerset, just down the road from us. The Shepherds Hut Retreat in Crewkerne has a selection of beautiful shepherds huts set around an idyllic lake. Based on a working farm, the huts are made from local timber, powered by solar panels and are fed with filtered spring water.

 2.    Guest house in Transylvania
Travel to one of Europe’s most untouched regions and stay on the Count's Estate or in one of the Prince of Wales' properties. Transylvania has an amazing landscape and interesting history. It is the perfect place to go for a break away from our demanding modern lives. Transylvania is great for walking, riding or just a relaxing holiday; there are many individual cottages to choose from and tourism all helps to protect and preserve a unique heritage.

3.    Cycling Tour of Croatia
Croatia is a place high on the must-visit list and a cycling tour is the perfect way to see the beautiful landscape and get away from the cruise tourists in Dubrovnik.  Cycling is the ultimate carbon-free choice and the small group tours help to minimise the effect on local communities. Local guides with local knowledge are available to assist you to see parts of the country most tourists completely overlook.

4.    Caribbean Holiday with a difference
Built around a forest, this hotel isn’t like the normal Caribbean resorts, special care has been taken to preserve the original form of the forest. Designed for guests who can carry out nature-based activities such as walking and hiking, and water activities e.g. snorkelling. There are also two yoga studios and, of course, the beach to keep you active and busy.

5.    Family Activity Week in Scotland
If you have a young, active family then an activity holiday in Scotland is perfect. With your own private guide you can enjoy activities such as canoeing, rock climbing, gorge walking and nature walks all in the beautiful Perthshire countryside and in Scotland’s first fair trade town.
6.    Train from London to Milan
Getting a train is a great way to travel, not only does it help reduce your carbon footprint (compared to flying) it also means you get to see some amazing scenery. Getting the train from London to Milan is surprisingly easy and doesn’t take as long as you might think. Leaving London, St Pancras at 9am, you can be in Milan shortly after 9pm and that includes time for lunch while in Paris!

7.    Eco-Guest House is Goa
We can't help but be a little biased towards India; we love the country, and Goa is one of its most popular holiday destinations. This eco-guest house in Goa is based in a non-touristy village so you can see more of the real Goa. Take a map and walk round the local area ...

8.    Himalayan Panoramas in Nepal
Stay in a community-run guest house in a beautiful Nepalese village as privileged guests. Off the beaten track, you will get the see a traditional way of life that most visiting Nepal would not get to see. The views of the Himalayas are breath-taking and the hospitality in your guesthouse will be like nothing you have experienced before.

9.    Big Game and Wild Dog Conservation in Zimbabwe
Ever wanted to go on Safari? Well this trip is like no other! You can explore game reserves by foot and canoe part of the Zambezi for a unique view of wildlife. But that is not the best bit - you can also help on an Anti-Poaching Unit and assist with a wild dog conservation team.

10.    Walking or Cycling Holiday in Wales
Leave a tiny carbon footprint, walk, and cycle your way around the beautiful Welsh coast and countryside. With either self-guided or guided tours, your luggage will be moved on to your next stop for you so you can focus on looking at the beautiful Welsh coastline. 

Wherever you go for your holiday this year do not forget the little things can make all the difference. Packing light can help save fuel and reducing your use of electricity and air-conditioning really does help the environment. Flights are generally the worse thing about our holidays so where you can, try and avoid it (Trains and ferries are a lot more environmentally friendly). If you do fly, make sure you use one of the many carbon off-setting schemes available.

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A great time at Grand Designs Live!

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

We have just returned from a very successful nine days at Grand Designs Live show. We spoke to lots of interesting people and got to meet some of our lovely customers; both old and new.  We handed out lots of catalogues and got to talk about our lovely furniture and accessories all day long! We even got to see the Restoration Man -  George Clarke!

We had a year’s break from exhibiting at Grand Designs Live so it was great to get back this year, our break made us appreciate how much we all love doing shows such as Grand Designs Live. We know that as we only have the one shop is Wincanton, Somerset that a lot of our customers aren’t able to come and see us, so getting out and about at the show give us a chance to show off our furniture and accessories to even more people. It was lovely to discover that some of our visitors had visited the show just to see us!

We displayed many pieces from our Mallani range and the favourites were the Mallani Storage Seat and the Mallani Glazed Dresser. We also had a selection of pieces from our Gypsy range, Hathi range and our new Kediri Teak range as well as lots of soft furnishings and accessories. The Kediri Teak Dining Set and the Gypsy Petite Six Drawer Chest were both very popular along with the Gypsy Petite Storage Seat. Our Surin range finished off our stand, which as ever proved to be very popular with lots of people stopping to admire the Surin Infinity Table and the Surin Elephant Ride Table.

We would like to thank everyone who vistied us at Grand Designs Live and we hope that you all had as good a time as we did! It is always so lovely to talk to our customers face to face and find out what they think of our furniture and accessories.

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The Good Shopping Guide goes online and launches new App!

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

After 12 years of reference book publishing, Ethical Company Organisation has finally released The Good Shopping Guide as an online ethical shopping reference and as a handy App.

And Myakka is proud to remain at the top of the charts with 100 points on the ethical company index!

The Ethical Company Organisation said:
“We believe this will help our key ethical research spread further and wider than ever before. Our ambition now is to reach millions (rather than hundreds of thousands) of consumers and thereby make the ethical shopping movement a more powerful force for good than ever before. is the new home of ethical shopping information including articles, videos - and of course our famous ethical comparison tables covering thousands of companies and brands."

The Good Shopping App
Revealing the good, bad and ugly of the world’s leading brands, this is the classic (and the world’s best-selling) ethical shopping guide having sold over 80,000 copies of the 350 page book at RRP £14.95!

Whenever you shop, at an introductory price of just £2.99, this app version gives full product sector comparison tables on famous brands and corporations in relation to their Environmental, Animal Welfare and Human Rights records.

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