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Time for Tennis on TV!

Monday, 8 June 2015

Following on the success on Andy Murray at Wimbledon last year we are getting ready to watch as much tennis as possible, so make sure your TV unit is ready for the extra attention with our handy guide to hard wood TV cabinets that will help make your viewing experience even more enjoyable.

With many TVs looking ultra-modern, it can be nice to keep a traditional solid wood TV stand to tie in with the rest of your living room furniture. We have a range of over 20 different options to suit your decor and support your TV.

When choosing your new TV unit there are a few points to consider: For example, how big is your screen? What is the weight of your TV and will your cabinet be strong enough? Don’t forget all the extra accoutrements that go with your TV that will need extra shelving space, such as games consoles, Sky boxes or Blue Ray players.

As TVs are getting bigger it often means that your old TV unit isn’t wide enough to fit your new super widescreen television. To help we have come up with a list of TV units to fit your widescreen TVs. The measurement that widescreen TVs are sold in e.g. 42”, is not the width of the TV but the length diagonally of the screen. This does not include the surround or frame either, so this needs to be taken into consideration too. The basic ratio for widescreen TVs is 16:9 but to help you work it out here are some approximate sizes for you. Please remember to take into account the width of the frame around your TV which could add a few cm’s onto the width of your TV.
Our widest TV unit is the Stonemill TV Unit which is 150cm wide which means it can take a pretty wide widescreen! Second to the that is one of our best sellers, the Mallani Widescreen TV Cabinet which is 140cm making it perfect for widescreens. Both of the units have central shelves for DVD players and other boxes along with two handy cupboards for storing everything from DVDs to remote controls.  The Lyme TV Cabinet, Mallani TV Console and Mallani Three Drawer TV Unit are all 130cm wide making them wide enough for big TVs 50 inches and over.

If you have TV about 42 inches, the new Thakat TV Cabinet is a great option at 110cm wide. It has two open shelves for all your bits and pieces and two useful cupboards to help store lots of DVDs and games. The Mallani Tall TV Unit is also 110cm wide but comes with three open shelves and one larger cupboard for storage. The Hathi TV Unit is 100cm wide with a cupboard on one side which has four intricately hand carved elephants on making it not just a useful TV cabinet but also a real talking point. If you have a smaller space, the Mallani Low Level TV Unit is a great option, simple and classic this unit is perfect for people who don’t want their TV to dominate their living room.

If your TV is positioned in the corner of your room then one of our corner TV units may fit the bill. The Mallani Easy View Corner TV Unit is the widest at 100cm so can easily accommodate a 42” TV. If you need something a little smaller, the Mallani Corner TV Unit, Thakat Corner TV Unit and Hathi Corner TV Unit are perfect and will fit neatly into the corner of your room.

Whatever the size of your TV we have a great range of units to suit. As they are all solid hardwood they can easily take the weight of large televisions and will make you technology look effortlessly at home.

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