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Marvellous Mango Wood

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Mango wood is a great option for furniture, it is a solid hard wood but very sustainable and is perfect carving and painting to create many different styles. Our Maison, Gypsy, Lyme and Coast collections are  all made from mango hard wood.

Sustainable Wood
Mango wood is a truly sustainable hardwood as it is first grown for fruit and as it gets older and larger and stops producing fruit, the timber is then used to make furniture.  Mango trees are very fast growing and will reach around 80 – 100ft in height and about 3-4ft. in diameter in about 20 years. After they have reached their full height the tree stops producing or produces a lot less fruit and so is then used for timber. After the trees have been cut down, new trees are planted to ensure that the cycle continues making this tropical timber truly sustainable.

Mango Wood Production
We work with two suppliers for our four mango collections, both based in Rajasthan, India. We visit our suppliers regularly so we are able to maintain quality, ensure production is of a certain level and monitor working conditions. Due to our relationship with our suppliers we are able to ensure that all timber is sourced correctly and that all furniture is produced to the fair trade standard we expect.
all timber is sourced correctly and that all furniture is produced to the fair trade standard we expect.

Mango Wood Care
The different mango ranges are all finished in slightly different finishes, but all should be looked after in a similar way. We recommend always usi
ng coasters and mats to protect the wood from blooms and marking caused by hot and wet items.

As the Coast range has a natural waxed finish (not painted) it is easy to remove any ring marks. Mango wood should be cared for and treated for in the same way as our Sheesham wood. We recommend the use of Mylands Clear Wax this will add both lustre of the wood and feed the timber. We recommend waxing any of your natural non-painted furniture at least once a year but to really maintain lustre, we recommend it is done twice and sometimes more if it is used a lot. To watch Simon wax a table simply click here.

To get the best finish from your wax follow these easy steps

Apply the wax with a soft cloth in a circular motion
Make sure that there is enough wax on the wood but not too much that it leaves streaks – this is really important
Leave the wax for 20 to 30 minutes so it hardens off
Finally buff off -  first with a shoe brush going with the grain and then with a soft cloth again going with the grain

Ring marks and other marks are easily removed by using the Mylands Clear Wax and some fine wire wool. For a step by step guide please watch our helpful video guide from Simon, one of our Directors, to watch the video simply click here. We always recommend the use of coasters as the furniture doesn’t have a sealed finish.

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