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Study in Style

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

As we take a step closer to autumn and the end of the school holidays it is time to get ready to send the kids back to school, college or uni. There is something that every pupil has in common – homework.

Make sure you have the perfect workspace for your budding doctor or marine biologist. A suitable desk and chair can make working a lot more comfortable. The Mallani Office Desk is the perfect size for all the family. With a large work surface, it's ideal for the computer screen, keyboard and mouse with room still for paperwork and text books. It also has oodles of storage with two drawers for stationery and pens and a deep filing drawer for documents. To the right hand side there is a cupboard designed for storing a PC tower or you can add the removable mid-height shelf and use it for storing files and paper work.

As well as a desk, storage is essential for a modern home office, especially with the whole family using it. Filing cabinets and bookcases are designed for storing papers, files and books. Our Mallani Filing Cabinets are available in both a three drawer and two drawer versions so there is one perfect for your home.  We have a variety of sizes of bookcase - Our Mallani Space Saver Bookcase holds paperbacks and DVDs with ease. The Mallani Large Bookcase, Thakat Jali Bookcase and Stonemill Bookcase are all great for storing larger reference books and files. With solid wood shelves that are strong and durable.

Once you have the perfect furniture, don’t forget the finishing touches. A cheerful rug can add colour and warmth to an often overlooked room. Kilim rugs are perfect as they are hardwearing and add a cheery pop of colour, we have a variety of shades and patterns to choose from. Comfort is also essential so add a chair pad or cushion.

Finally, remember that this is a purchase that will hopefully last a lifetime.  A little bit of careful thought and planning can ensure that your office furniture lasts for many years to come.

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Cycle to Work Day!

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

This year we are once again supporting Cycle to Work day, an annual event which encourages all to get onto our bikes and cycle into work. This year the event takes place on Thursday 3rd September. Following the success of the London 2012, more and more of us are getting on our bikes and this campaign is all about encouraging us to cycle to work. This year the campaign is supported by Denise van Outen, presenter and actress.

Cycling to work has a number of benefits: It's a great way to get some exercise in the fresh air, it saves you money- not having to pay for any fuel for the car or buy a bus ticket, and you will arrive at work feeling less stressed and ready to work! Cycling is often a time saver in big cities, a number of research projects have proved that cycling to work is often faster than driving and you’re exercising at the same time as commuting so getting two
things done at once!

Last year National Cycle to work days was supported by over 20,000 commuters who clocked up over a quarter of a million miles. And this year they want to even more people to take part. As part of the day, there are free bike health checks available, just click here to find your local service. There is no excuse for not getting on your bike! According to census data over 750,000 cycle to work regularly. They want this to rise to over 1 million by 2021, so now is the perfect time to get that bike out of the garage and go for a ride.

If you are keen to take part, make you make a pledge to cycle to work and you will be entered into a competition to win one of three bikes. If you're an employer or your employer is keen to encourage everyone to cycle to work, make sure they make the pledge to show their support.

If you would like to find out more information about Cycle to Work Day or would like to pledge your miles to the cause, simply visit their helpful site by clicking here.

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Summer Colour for Your Home!

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Add some colour and interest to your home with some bright and cheerful accessories. Updating accessories in your home is an easy and affordable way to give your home a brand new feel and style. Here are a few easy ways to add colour to your home...

Moti Ari Cushions 
These cushions have been up-cycled from wedding saris making each one unique, as they are colourful. Available in seven colours and two sizes from £24.95

Rainbow Braided Round Rugs
This round braided rug will make a bright and cheery addition to your home. Made from fabric remnants braided into a work of art in an array of different colours. Available in four sizes from £14.95.

Antique Sari Chair Pads
These pretty chair pads look great on dining chairs or any other chair! Made from recycled saris, no two are ever the same. £19.95 each or buy a set of four, only £70.

Geometric Cotton Throws
These great value throws are available in five colours that will suit any home. Add colour to your sofa or favourite chair, or drape over the back of a settee ready to snuggle up in. Only £14.95 each.

Summer Paisley Tablecloth
Add this bright and cheery tablecloth over your table for an instant hit of colour! You can't fail to be cheered by this vibrant paisley patterned table cloth in a rainbow of bright summery colours. Available in Square and Oblong sizes from only £29.95.

Zanzibar Kilim Footstool 
This attractive footstool is both practical and pretty. Made with a hard-wearing kilim top and a sturdy wooden base this footstool is perfect after a long day on your feet and looks great too! Only £69.95

Pink Velvet & Brocade Quilt 
This luxurious and colourful quilt will add colour and warmth to your bed or sofa. A patchwork design that means each quilt is unique. Coordinating cushions are available. Only £124.95.

Moroccan Multi-Coloured Star Lantern 
This pretty lantern looks great hung in a window frame with the light catching the different colour glass. Add a tealight inside the colours looks great. Only £29.95.

Kasbah Lamp
Transform the simplest space into a magical, Eastern retreat with our Moroccan inspired lamp. Its antiqued metal finish is redolent of the sun-drenched stone walls in a bustling souk. Available in five colours, only £39.95 each.

Cushions, throws and rugs are the perfect way to add colour and comfort to your home.

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World Elephant Day

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

This year World Elephant Day is on Wednesday 12th August and we will be celebrating the special day with a window in our Guildford shop dedicated to elephants! We have a real love of elephants here at Myakka so we thought it was a very appropriate cause to support. The day is all about supporting elephants throughout the world and encouraging us all to protect elephants and their environments.

There are only about 40,000 Asian Elephants remaining in the world (including those in captivity) and about 400,000 African Elephants in the world. Both species are threatened and their numbers have been declining for many years. World Elephant Day is all about raising awareness of elephants decreasing numbers and encouraging us all to do our part to look after elephants.

To help do your part to support World Elephant Day, there are a number of activities being organised to raise awareness. Why not paint, sketch or doodle an elephant and then upload the photo to the online gallery. The aim is to get over 200,00 handmade elephants to raise awareness and money. If you are on twitter why not tweet the hashtag #WorldElephantDay to spread the word about the plight of elephants.

Did you know that a fully grown African elephant weights about 22,000 pounds and the Asian elephant is under half the weight at about 10,000 pounds. The African elephant is the planet’s largest land animal and the Asian elephant is the second biggest. We all need to do our bit to help protect them.

We hope to help make World Elephant Day 2015 the best yet!

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