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Good Weave

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Since we learnt about GoodWeave we wanted to make sure that where we could, we could sell our rugs and kilims with the Good Weave logo. Now, this spring, thanks to the work of one of our suppliers a number of our bestselling rugs are now have the Goodweave logo.

Good Weave aims to stop child labour in the carpet and rug industry in countries such as India and Nepal. Good Weave was founded on the simple premise: if enough people demand certified child-labour free rugs, manufacturers will employ only skilled, adult artisans and children will no longer be exploited in the carpet and rug industry. Since its founding in the 1980s, more than 11 million GoodWeave certified rugs and carpets have been sold into Europe and North America. Taking the number of children stuck in the carpet making industry from 1 million to 250,000. As well as working to eliminate the use of child labour, Good Weave also work with rescued and at risk children to provide education and opportunities to ensure they don’t fall back into child labour.

This is something that we here at Myakka absolutely believe in. We have a close working relationship with our UK based rug and kilim suppliers and we have always worked closely with them to ensure that child labour has never been used in the production of any of the rugs and kilims that we stock. This is the first time that we have been able to offer a number of our rugs with the GoodWeave certification.

Our supplier has just gained the GoodWeave certification and a number of our rugs and kilims will now arrive with the GoodWeave label. Our UK based supplier, has been working with a manufacturer based in Varanasi, India and have a long-standing supplier of about eight years. They employee 60 weavers, some working in the factory on looms and some working from home on looms supplied by business which enables them to look after family or to help with any farming commitments. Weaving is a highly prized skill and is passed down and taught to family members through the generations.

Take a look at our complete kilim and rug collection here. To find out more about GoodWeave and they work they do, click here.

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