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On your marks, get set, GO!

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Once a year the whole Myakka team put down their tools and take a day out to do some team building.

This year we headed to the Clay Pigeon Raceway near Dorchester in Dorset to test our nerve and driving skills on the racetrack. So on Tuesday 14th June the whole of the Myakka team headed towards the raceway so we could find out who was the fastest!

As soon as we arrived we were treated to some delicious breakfast baps so we were full of energy for the fast approaching racing. As part of our team days out, we always have a debrief from one of the Directors about how we are doing and plans for the upcoming future. As soon as this was finished we were all keen to get on the track.

After donning some very attractive overalls, balaclavas, gloves and helmets we were given a safety briefing full of the dos and don’ts of the circuits as well as what different signs and flags meant. We were then put into our teams of two who would take it in turns to race in the qualifier and then in the main hour-long endurance race.

As it is was the British summer, we had some temperamental weather; with a little sunshine, a lot of cloud & grey and quite a few rain showers which were short and sharp. As soon as the track got a little bit wet, the karts were slipping all over the place and there were a lot more spins than in the dry. As soon as it stopped raining we could go back to throwing the kart around the track as fast as possible and trying to beat the other teams.

After the qualifying session, it was time for the endurance race, which would take place over an hour with minutes driving times for each of the pair. This included pit stops and changeovers and really bought out the competitiveness in the whole team. Surprising competitive driving came from Elise from out Warehouse Outlet and Catherine from Purchasing, both who are normally calm and polite, this changed dramatically as soon as they got out on the track. Other drivers worth a mention include Helen from the Guildford shop who doesn’t drive, Rich K and Mark from the IT department who were on a mission to beat each other and Simon W who was super competitive as asking for tips and techniques as soon as we got there!

At the end of the race we all gathered upstairs for the results and to see who won their place on the podium. The winners were Simon W and Vicki, followed by Catherine and Orin in second place and Robert and Elise in third. Down in last place were Cherry and Rich despite Rich's best efforts. Martin got a special award for not following instructions and getting a black flag for overtaking when the yellow flag was out.

As soon as the ceremony was over it was time for lunch, and what a lunch it was! More food than even the warehouse could deal with and delicious to boot.

We all had a great day and would like to thank Clay Pigeon Raceway for hosting such a fun event. Maybe next year we will do something a little less competitive which doesn’t involve having to wear overalls and a helmet!

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Time for TV!

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

This summer is proving to be a winner for sport on television, whether it’s the Euros, Wimbledon or the Olympics, there is a little something for everyone to watch. Make sure you TV has the perfect stand with a solid wood TV cabinet.

With many TVs looking ultra-modern, it can be nice to keep a traditional solid wood TV stand to tie in with the rest of your living room furniture. We have a range of over 20 different options to suit your decor and support your TV.

When choosing your new TV unit there are a few points to consider: For example, how big is your screen? What is the weight of your TV and will your cabinet be strong enough? Don’t forget all the extra accoutrements that go with your TV that will need extra shelving space, such as games consoles, Sky boxes or Blu Ray players.

As TVs are getting bigger it often means that your old TV unit isn’t wide enough to fit your new super widescreen television. To help we have come up with a list of TV units to fit your widescreen TVs. The measurement that widescreen TVs are sold in e.g. 42”, is not the width of the TV but the length diagonally of the screen. This does not include the surround or frame either, so this needs to be taken into consideration too. The basic ratio for widescreen TVs is 16:9 but to help you work it out here are some approximate sizes for you. Please remember to take into account the width of the frame around your TV which could add a few cm’s onto the width of your TV.

Our widest TV unit is the Stonemill TV Unit which is 150cm wide which means it can take a pretty wide widescreen! Second to that is one of our best sellers, the Mallani Widescreen TV Cabinet which is 140cm making it perfect for widescreens. Both of the units have central shelves for DVD players and other boxes along with two handy cupboards for storing everything from DVDs to remote controls.  The Lyme TV Cabinet and the Mallani TV Console  are both 130cm wide making them wide enough for big TVs 50 inches and over.

If you have TV about 42 inches, the new Thakat TV Cabinet is a great option at 110cm wide. It has two open shelves for all your bits and pieces and two useful cupboards to help store lots of DVDs and games. The Mallani Tall TV Unit is also 110cm wide but comes with three open shelves and one larger cupboard for storage. The Hathi TV Unit is 100cm wide with a cupboard on one side which has four intricately hand carved elephants on making it not just a useful TV cabinet but also a real talking point. If you have a smaller space, the Mallani Low Level TV Unit or the Jasmeen TV Unit are great options, simple and classic these units are perfect for people who don’t want the TV to dominate their living room.

If your TV is positioned in the corner of your room then one of our corner TV units may fit the bill. If you need something a little smaller, the Mallani Corner TV Unit, Thakat Corner TV Unit and Hathi Corner TV Unit are perfect and will fit neatly into the corner of your room.

Whatever the size of your TV we have a great range of units to suit. As they are all solid hardwood they can easily take the weight of large televisions and will make you technology look effortlessly at home.

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Ethical Holidays

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Now the summer is in full swing, it is time to turn our attention to our summer holidays. This big decision needs a lot of careful thought and consideration with the ethical and environmental value of the holiday sometimes quite far down the list. But choosing a holiday which is either ethical or green is easier than you think. Here are a few of our favourite ethical holidays…

Head out to one of the friendliest countries in the world and meet some of the workers that benefit from Fair Trade.  Explore Nepal and Kathmandu the capital of this ancient land, you won’t want to leave!

See some of Norway’s most breath taking landscape in one of the most eco-friendly forms of transport.  Take the train around Norway and discover cities and country side without denting your carbon footprint.

Keep the kids entertained and bust with this family activity holiday to a beautiful part of Europe on the Adriatic coast. From canoeing and white water rafting to mountain biking and horse riding there are sure to be an activity to suit every member of the family.

There are some lovely camp sites all around the UK but we love this one in our native Somerset, just down the road from us. The Shepherds Hut Retreat in Crewkerne has a selection of beautiful shepherds huts set around an idyllic lake. Based on a working farm, the huts are made from local timber, powered by solar panels and are fed with filtered spring water.

Another activity for people who can’t sit still, why not take the Eurostar and train down to Montpellier and then keep the family entertained with canoeing, horse riding, mountain biking and a whole host of other activities around the beautiful Gorge d’Ardèche. Camp or stay in the hotel or château  the choices are endless.

Wherever you go for your holiday this year do not forget the little things can make all the difference. Packing light can help save fuel and reducing your use of electricity and air-conditioning really does help the environment. Flights are generally the worse thing about our holidays so where you can, try and avoid it (Trains and ferries are a lot more environmentally friendly). If you do fly, make sure you use one of the many carbon off-setting schemes available. Happy Holidays!

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Behind the scenes this summer

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Our creative team has just completed a two day summer photo shot ready for the new autumn catalogue.  This shoot was a short one we squeezed into the schedule before our main shoot later in June. This brief shoot allowed us to get some great new shots of some of our favourite pieces of furniture including the Surin Love Heart Table and the Hathi Console Table.

We like to be able to take images in lifestyle settings of as many pieces of furniture as we can. We think it shows off the furniture to its best and gives the customer a better idea of scale and size as well as a better idea of how it might look in their home.  This short shoot allowed us to take some images of products that didn't yet have a life photo such as the Mallani Compact Library and the Stonemill Lamp Table, which now look better than ever!

For this shoot the weather was lovely which allowed us to get out into the gardens of the house we were using to get some great shots of our new Everywhere Eco Rug. These rugs can be used both indoors and outdoors as they are made from 100% recycled PET plastic, but feel soft like they are made from wool.

 The creative team are now busy preparing for their next shoot which will take place over five days later in June. This is where we will take lots of lovely images of our new Autumn additions to the Myakka range. Watch this space for more information of the new pieces and the autumn catalogue.

Don’t miss out… if you’re not already on the Myakka mailing list, make sure you sign up so you’re included in the first mailing of the new catalogue hot off the press in September.  Simply click here to get yours.

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