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Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Once a year the whole Myakka team put down their tools and take a day out to do some team building.

This year we headed to the Clay Pigeon Raceway near Dorchester in Dorset to test our nerve and driving skills on the racetrack. So on Tuesday 14th June the whole of the Myakka team headed towards the raceway so we could find out who was the fastest!

As soon as we arrived we were treated to some delicious breakfast baps so we were full of energy for the fast approaching racing. As part of our team days out, we always have a debrief from one of the Directors about how we are doing and plans for the upcoming future. As soon as this was finished we were all keen to get on the track.

After donning some very attractive overalls, balaclavas, gloves and helmets we were given a safety briefing full of the dos and don’ts of the circuits as well as what different signs and flags meant. We were then put into our teams of two who would take it in turns to race in the qualifier and then in the main hour-long endurance race.

As it is was the British summer, we had some temperamental weather; with a little sunshine, a lot of cloud & grey and quite a few rain showers which were short and sharp. As soon as the track got a little bit wet, the karts were slipping all over the place and there were a lot more spins than in the dry. As soon as it stopped raining we could go back to throwing the kart around the track as fast as possible and trying to beat the other teams.

After the qualifying session, it was time for the endurance race, which would take place over an hour with minutes driving times for each of the pair. This included pit stops and changeovers and really bought out the competitiveness in the whole team. Surprising competitive driving came from Elise from out Warehouse Outlet and Catherine from Purchasing, both who are normally calm and polite, this changed dramatically as soon as they got out on the track. Other drivers worth a mention include Helen from the Guildford shop who doesn’t drive, Rich K and Mark from the IT department who were on a mission to beat each other and Simon W who was super competitive as asking for tips and techniques as soon as we got there!

At the end of the race we all gathered upstairs for the results and to see who won their place on the podium. The winners were Simon W and Vicki, followed by Catherine and Orin in second place and Robert and Elise in third. Down in last place were Cherry and Rich despite Rich's best efforts. Martin got a special award for not following instructions and getting a black flag for overtaking when the yellow flag was out.

As soon as the ceremony was over it was time for lunch, and what a lunch it was! More food than even the warehouse could deal with and delicious to boot.

We all had a great day and would like to thank Clay Pigeon Raceway for hosting such a fun event. Maybe next year we will do something a little less competitive which doesn’t involve having to wear overalls and a helmet!

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