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Homework Time!

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

With the end of the school holidays nearly upon us, our attention is now turned towards life going back to ‘normal’ with the start of the new school term. Help them ease back into school life and the dreaded home work with a stylish work space that will help inspire and encourage them.

Help get things off to the right start by making sure you have the perfect workspace for your budding scientist or lawyer. A suitable desk and chair can make working a lot more comfortable and a lot less of a chore. The Mallani Office Desk is the perfect size for all of the family. It has a large surface ideal for the computer screen, keyboard and mouse with room still for paperwork and everything else you need to hand. It also has lashings of storage with two drawers for stationery and pens along with a deep filing drawer for keeping all of your documents organised and accessible. On the right hand side of the desk there is a cupboard designed for storing a PC tower or you can add the removable mid height shelf and use it for storing files and paper work. Team the Mallani Office Desk with the Katina Chair and save £100 when you buy the Mallani Project Set.

This spring we introduced the Jasmeen Office Desk, with intricate fret work carving on two useful drawers and a cupboard to help store away files and stationary. This desk is slightly smaller than the Mallani desk making it a great option for smaller spaces or bedrooms. Team it with the Jasmeen Upholstered Chair for a stylish and comfortable work space, and save £80 when you buy the set!

As well as desk, storage is essential for a modern home office, especially with the whole family using it. Filing cabinets and bookcases are great options for storing papers, files and books that need to be easily to hand but can be stored neatly away when not in use. Our Mallani Filing Cabinets are available in both a three drawer and two drawer version so there is one perfect for your home. The Jasmeen Filing Cabinet has two drawers for filing and a smaller drawer at the top for pens & pencils. We have both full height bookcases and smaller bookcases that are perfect for smaller rooms. Our Mallani Space Saver Bookcase holds paperbacks and DVDs with ease. The Mallani Large Bookcase, Jasmeen Large Bookcase, Thakat Jali Bookcase and Stonemill Bookcase are all great for storing reference books and files. With solid wood shelves that are strong and durable, and built to hold as many books as you need.

Once you have the perfect furniture, don’t forget the finishing touches. A cheerful rug can add colour and warmth to an often overlooked room. Kilim rugs are perfect as they are hardwearing and add a happy bit of colour, there are many shades and patterns to choose from the traditional designs in calming hues to modern stripes in coordinating colours. Comfort is also essential so add a chair pad or two to your chair to make sure writing that essay is as comfortable as possible.

Finally, remember that this is a purchase for your home and is furniture that will hopefully be with you for many years.  A little bit of careful thought and planning can ensure that your office furniture lasts for many years to come.

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At 22 September 2016 at 07:42 , Blogger Emmanuelle Sam said...

I can save a lot of space with this Jasmeen office Desk because you can store a lot of things in the cabinet and use it as a computer or tv stand. I've read several reviews about this furniture which you can find at


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