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Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Natural Sustainability

Last autumn we started working with a new supplier based in Vietnam who specialises in woven products such as our Natural Hand Woven Pouffes. Weaving baskets, rugs and pouffes from sustainable, locally available materials such as sea grass water-hyacinth and corn husk, they work with groups of local women, paying them a fair wage and ensuring that traditional crafts and techniques are still widely used today.

An initiative, founded by a woman from a traditional crafting village, the cooperative provides local women with steady and reliable income to help support their families. Using techniques that have passed down through generations, the team creates eye catching yet functional pieces that look great modern and traditional homes.

Some of our favourite pieces include our best selling Natural Woven Round Rugs that have been crafted from rattan, cornhusk and water-hyacinth to help create rugs with a tonal circle pattern. The Natural Woven Baskets Set of 2 have again been woven from water-hyacinth and sea grass to create an attractive striped pattern. – perfect as laundry baskets or to keep the toys tidy.

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