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National Walking Month - Let's get walking!

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

May is National Walking Month and here at Myakka we love to get out and about on our own two feet. This year the aim is to get us all out and about walking for 20 minutes a day.

This is the perfect opportunity to stretch your legs and give walking a try. Whether it is a walk around the park during your lunch break or a walk to and from the shop, walking will burn calories, improve your heart health and blood pressure, make your feel brighter and lift your mood. So why not give 20 minutes of walking every day in May a go?

During the month of May, Living Streets will show you 20 fun and easy tips to help fit a 20 minute walk into your everyday life. Take a look on the Living Streets website for all the helpful tips and advice to fit that all important 20mins into your day. They also have a rate your walk tool which will aim to help Living Streets gather information on the quality of walks in your local area. To rate your walk, simply click here.

Living Streets campaigns to make our streets safer for pedestrians and cyclists which in turn makes our environment a safer, cleaner and more social place. They are running a number of campaigns including ‘Show your love for 20mph’ encouraging councils to make residential and shopping areas a 20mph limit; a campaign to stop pavement parking which causes pedestrians to walk on the road and a campaign to remove ice from pavements as well as roads, to make it safer for pedestrians during the winter months. Their website is full of hints and ideas on steps we can take to improve our streets, as well and tips on how to campaign for safer streets in your area.

Take a look at Living Streets website to pledge, or to find out more about Living Streets and how to help their campaigns.

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Supporting Somerset

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

As part of our continual support of the Somerset Community Foundation (SCF) and the Myakka Grass root funds we have recently made a donation to the Growing Space, Wincanton.

Now spring has sprung it is apt that the most recent to benefit is The Growing Space, a charity that organises gardening activities for both adults and children at The Balsam Centre in Wincanton.

The Growing Space began in 2001 as a social and therapeutic horticulture charity, a term used to describe the process of using plants and gardens to improve physical and mental health. The benefits will strike a chord with most people, but as Andy Ridgewell, Programmes Manager at SCF, says: "it's interesting to see the ways that local organisations are turning to gardening to achieve positive changes in their communities."

Nick Truman is the Community Horticultural Worker at the Balsam Centre and through The Growing Space is currently working
with 40 adults and 30 children. He uses an extensive range of horticultural activities based on producing cut flowers, fruit and vegetables for the Balsam Centre's café and the general maintenance of the gardens to enhance the enjoyment of the whole community.

The charity has partnerships with local mental health services, adult social care teams, GP's, schools, local authorities and community based mutual support groups. Nick says: "in addition to the more obvious benefits gained from gardening, there are many additional welfare aspects. The garden is used as a safe and secure place to develop someone's ability to mix socially, make friends and learn practical skills that will help them to be more independent."

On presenting a cheque for £2,000 Simon, one of Myakka’s founders, said: "this is such an inspirational charity. It builds on a very basic human need to be outside engaging with nature, but takes it one step further. There is obviously a financial commitment for The Growing Space to be able to put their good work into practice and Myakka is delighted to be able to provide financial support."

For more information visit

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A guide to Wooden Furniture Care

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

A little bit of easy care of your Myakka furniture will help keep it looking great and ensure that it is in perfect working condition for years to come. We recommend treating your sheesham furniture to a little beeswax to help keep it looking its best.

To help you clean and care for your Myakka furniture our Furniture Care Expert Paul has come up with these useful suggestions on just that.

Waxing your furniture
To keep the lustre of the wood and to feed the timber, your furniture should be waxed at least once a year but I recommend it is done twice and sometimes more if it is used a lot. To wax your furniture I recommend you use a natural bees wax polish such as Mylands Antique Mahogany Wax, this helps keep the colour rich (of sheesham furniture) as well as feeding the wood and giving the furniture a lovely sheen.

To get the best finish from your wax follow these easy steps

  • Apply wax with a soft cloth in a circular motion
  • Make sure that there is enough wax on the wood but not too much that it leaves streaks – this is really important
  • Leave the wax for 20 to 30 minutes so it hardens off
  • Finally buff off -  first with a shoe brush going with the grain and then with a soft cloth again going with the grain

To get into hard to reach places like in the elephant carvings –  I use an inch thick disposable paint brush and cut the bristle length down by about a third, this makes the bristle stiffer and easier to use. You can then apply the wax into hard to reach places with the cut off brush.

Sticking Drawers
If you find that your drawers are beginning to get a little stuck when you open and close them try using a clear candle to rub along the grove of the unit and the runner of the drawer where it is sticking as this lubricates the runner and stops its from sticking.

Day to Day Cleaning
We don’t recommend you use too many silicone based spray polishes as these can block the wood and stop it from breathing. However spray polishes can be used infrequently to remove dust from the surface of your furniture. Simply spray onto a soft cloth first and then use to remove dust, do not spray onto the furniture itself.

Removing Ring Marks
Because Myakka furniture isn’t sealed, simply waxed, it is a common problem for the surface of the furniture to get damaged by hot and wet things. We recommend you always use coasters but if accidents do happen, it isn’t the end of the world. Take a read of this blog, which explains step by step how to remove ring marks.

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