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Wooden Furniture Care Guide

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

A little bit of easy wooden furniture care for your Myakka furniture will help keep it looking great and ensure that it is in perfect working condition for years to come. We recommend treating your sheesham furniture to a little beeswax to help keep it looking its best.

To help you clean and care for your Myakka furniture, we spoke to our Furniture Care Expert Paul. He's come up with plenty of useful suggestions on just that!

Wooden Furniture Care - Waxing your Furniture

Waxing your furniture at least once a year will help keep the lustre of the wood and feed the timber. However, it is best to wax it twice a year and sometimes more for frequently used pieces of furniture.

To wax your furniture, I recommend you use a natural beeswax polish such as Mylands Antique Mahogany Wax. This helps keep the colour (of sheesham furniture) rich, as well as feeding the wood and giving the furniture a lovely sheen. To get the best finish from your wax follow these easy steps:Mylands Wax - Wooden Furniture Care Guide
  • Apply wax with a soft cloth in a circular motion
  • Make sure that there is enough wax on the wood but not too much that it leaves streaks – this is really important
  • Leave the wax for 20 to 30 minutes so it hardens off
  • Finally, buff off - first with a shoe brush going with the grain and then with a soft cloth, again going with the grain
To get into hard to reach places like in the elephant carvings, I use an inch thick disposable paint brush and cut the bristle length down by about a third. This makes the bristle stiffer and easier to use. You can then apply the wax into hard to reach places with the cut off brush.

Hathi carvings - Wooden Furniture Care

Sticking Drawers

Are you finding that your drawers are beginning to get a little stuck when you open and close them? Try using a clear candle to rub along the grove of the unit and the runner of the drawer where it is sticking. This lubricates the runner and stops it from sticking.

Day to Day Cleaning

We don’t recommend you use too many silicone based spray polishes. They can block the wood and stop it from breathing. However, spray polishes can be used infrequently to remove dust from the surface of your furniture. Simply spray onto a soft cloth first and then use to remove dust - do not spray onto the furniture itself.

Mallani Blanket Box - Wooden Furniture Care

Removing Ring Marks

Because Myakka furniture is waxed rather than sealed, it is a common problem for the surface of the furniture to get damaged by hot and wet things. We recommend you always use coasters, though if accidents do happen, it isn’t the end of the world. Take a read of this blog, which explains step-by-step how to remove ring marks.

Finally, if you'd like more wooden furniture care tips, be sure to give our friendly Customer Service Team a call on 0345 460 3122. They're full of knowledge and love to chat!

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