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Top Tips to Avoid Hallway Havoc

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

We put our hallways and entranceways through a lot with our busy lives. Constantly coming and going, through the often spacially-challenged areas, they can become unloved dumping grounds for our shoes & boots, coats & jackets and tomorrow’s school & work bags.  But all is not lost, with the right storage and good light, a clutter-free, organised look is achievable.

Savvy Storage.  A dual-purpose storage seat will be invaluable providing shoe storage and a handy Mallani Storage Seat is a customer favourite; it’s also available in a petite, an enclosed and a corner version, or decoratively carved with elephant motifs in our Hathi collection.  The Fernley Hallway Organiser Bench goes that extra mile too, providing storage, seating and hanging space.
perch to sit and put them on.  Our

Hanging Space.  Hooks and hanging space allow you to clear the floor area giving the impression of more space.  Our popular Mallani Storage Cubby, Shelves and Hooks are versatile solutions.  If your preference is for a softer décor style our Vandara Hallway Mirror combines hanging space with a triptych of mirrors.

Mirrors.  Not just for checking your look before you leave the house, mirrors are great for reflecting light and giving the impression of more space in usually narrow entranceways.  We have a great collection of new mirrors to suit a variety of home styles.  The Himalayan Daisy Mirror and Neela Bone Inlay Mirror are exciting new additions.

Focal Point.  Providing storage drawers and shelving, a console table is an ideal place to keep your keys and that handy pen, but it can also make a great focal point for a vase of flowers or lamp.  A new Myakka favourite, that’s decorative enough on its own, is the Vandara Hallway Table - perfectly proportioned with a slim profile, it provides handy drawers and a shelf.

Love Tradition?  We might have ditched the landline and Yellow Pages in favour of our mobile phones,  but there’s something reassuringly comforting about a hallway with a telephone table – even if it is ironic!  Our Mallani Hall Stand and Jasmeen Hallway Table provide traditional options, but if you’re looking for something with a bit more personality, take a look at our Mehindi Hall Stand with its traditional Indian hand-painting…

Inspired?  Discover more of our Hallway Heroes.

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