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Georgie & Simon Visit the SKSN Institute

Monday, 2 October 2017

SKSN Visit

Simon & Georgie have just returned from an annual trip to India and, as usual, sourcing fabulous new & exclusive products was not the only item on the itinerary...With this in mind, we catch up with Georgie for an update on SKSN Insitute. 

Georgie & SKSN Students

Over to Georgie...

“We had a great visit to the SKSN Institute (in Jodhpur, Rajasthan). After breaking the ice playing the international game of UNO and a couple of games of Dobble, we sat in on some quite advanced maths classes – at desks and benches that we supplied a number of years ago. It was great to see they are still going strong!”
“There are 250 children enrolled in the school this academic year, which is not as many as in previous years. They welcome all physically challenged children including those with birth defects, amputees, etc. However, part of the reason for the reduction is due to the eradication of polio, which is fundamentally fantastic. As ever, funds are tight. Government funding over the last three years has reduced so the school has fewer teachers than previously. As a result, it has impacted upon the extra activities and support that the children receive. Indiability’s campaign to Teach a Disabled Child goes some way to make up this shortfall.”

Learning how to play UNO

Vocational Training Centre

"In terms of the Vocational Training Centre (VTC), through Myakka’s support, this continues to provide training. Beyond their normal studies, around ten children take part in the VTC programme at any one time. Indeed, there are dedicated sessions and guidance each week on seamstress/sewing skills, under the watchful eye of Bihram, the tailor. They make clothing for themselves and to sell to the local community. Additionally, we are working with a supplier to provide block print fabric. This will enable us to launch a new range of cushions handmade by the students at VTC.  Watch this space for more…”

at work

IMAGE Programme

“Our friend Sneh, who runs SKSN, and the team have also been working hard on the IMAGE programme. This is community outreach project using sport for social change. The programme is delivered to the rural communities by a group of the older children from SKSN. This in itself helps to break down social barriers. Having completed pilot programmes in five villages over the last 3-4 years, the final report is being compiled and by all accounts is showing some really valuable results. Aside from all the wider community benefits, the opportunities this provides to the students is great. They learn lots of life skills, team building, leadership and training, therefore boosting their CVs. Of course, this makes them very viable employees.”

Beautiful fabrics

Woodworking Training & Apprenticeships

“Also during the visit, we held a meeting between Sneh and our main Indian manufacturer. The meeting was with the aim of setting up woodworking training and apprenticeships for students after they graduate. One of our manufacturers’ master carpenters has worked his way up through the ranks from an apprenticeship. He makes a great role model as he suffers from Polio himself. Equally, he has great respect within the business and is keen on providing opportunities for children. The aim would be to put together a programme for skills development. In particular, we want to allow the children to see that opportunities do exist.”

SKSN - educating hearts as well as minds

Georgie is Fundraising!

Finally, Georgie is fundraising for toiletries and supplies for the students at the SKSN Institute. She's challenging herself to run (and hopefully complete!) the Glencoe marathon on Sunday 1st October. All donations are appreciated! Click here if you'd like to donate.

UPDATE - Congratulations to Georgie who made a very respectable time and she smashed her fundraising target twice over!  

Similarly, you can find out more about the SKSN Institute and the work they do on their website.

Georgie sewing

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