Salaam Printed Cotton Armchair
Old is once again new, and the trend for vintage in interiors and fashion shows no sign of letting up. Which is wonderful because we’re big fans of things that stand the test of time. And because it’s made a huge hit of our Salaam vintage-look armchair plus other of our fair trade furnishings that are new with old appeal. So let’s take a mooch around Myakka’s ‘vintage’ emporium…

From India with love

Not exactly ancient history, but it was 2017 when we had the idea to marry up vintage-style rugs with upholstered furniture. Myakka has a progressive fair trade partner based in Jaipur, Rajasthan, who not only has very high ethical standards, but also impressively advanced production techniques. We had every confidence they could make and deliver just the kind of high-quality new-with-old appeal that we were looking for.

Our vintage-look armchair

The Salaam Armchair was the result. Its generous seat and easy curves covered in the muted colours and gently love-worn texture of an antique kilim-style cotton rug. How they do it is an almost miraculous marriage of time-honoured craftsmanship and modern techniques like hand screen-printing and stonewashing – the distressing process the printed cotton rug goes through before it’s used as upholstery.

The result is a vintage-look armchair yet one that makes no compromise to strength or quality. The maker and we jointly named it ‘Salaam’ which means ‘peace’ and is a popular greeting in the Eastern world. When we launched this exclusive armchair in 2018, it became an instant hit. The response was fantastic with a consistent 5 out of 5-stars independent customer rating which we’re supremely proud of.

Why such a rapturous reception? Well, if you’ve ever put the time and energy into trawling shops, markets and auction rooms for real vintage furniture, you’ll know just how fraught and expensive it can be. So maybe it’s that. Owners of this vintage-look armchair can forget any concerns about fragility, lack of comfort and support or costly repairs; it’s that vintage look without the burden that a vintage piece can bring. Better still, it’s fairly traded too.

Salaam vintage-look armchair

More vintage-look fair trade treasures

Of course, vintage inspired and recycled home décor has always been a favourite Myakka theme. Our Isra and Fence Post Floor Lamps artfully repurpose driftwood. In addition, our entire Kediri furniture collection uses teak wood reclaimed from old colonial houses and other disused buildings.

Alongside the Salaam vintage-look armchair, we launched the Salaam rug in two colourways. Loomed in pure cotton and with the same timeworn appearance created by screen-printing and stonewashing, the rug is purposely not a precise match but rather a complement to the armchair. If you’re looking to add softness, depth and story to your home, this printed cotton rug has that unique vintage vibe yet will stand up to real life. And the ultimate beauty is, it’s a truly ethical living choice.

GoodWeave, the good news label

As well as being fairly traded, our Salaam rug carries the GoodWeave label. This means that no child, forced or bonded labour was used in the making of this certified item. And it means your purchase of it supports programmes that educate children and ensure decent work for adults.

As of August 2018, Myakka is an official GoodWeave licensee, something which we are immensely proud of. Read our story here.

Time to put your feet up

What does every good armchair need? Of course, a footstool! Put together, they’ll make that perfect feet-up retreat away from the world – the ideal spot for a good book, a box set or a well earned afternoon snooze! Launched in our 2019 Spring Collection, the Salaam footstool shares the same lovely quality and vintage character as its companion armchair. It too is fairly traded and already proving to be very popular. Clearly, our customers love the vintage vibe with the fair trade assurance. Doesn’t that just feel like the best of the old and new?