Luxe velvet has been in style for a while now. But according to Homewings, Houzz and countless others, that’s not going to change any time soon. Treat your home to this plush spring trend with our tips below.

Velvet Upholstery

The Evening Standard says that velvet upholstery is the best way to adopt the velvet spring trend, and who are we to argue? Embrace the velvet upholstery trend in style with our joyful Fandango Armchair. One of our bestselling chairs, it’s just the kind of imaginative, original and colourful furniture that gives a home its unique edge. For the ultimate in feet-up comfort, pair it with our Fandango Velvet Footstool. Not only will you save £100 when you buy the set, but you’ll be doubling up on interior style points with this knockout pair!

Also ticking the velvet upholstery box is our Velvet Patchwork Bench. Slender and space-saving, this padded velvet bench packs a colourful and characterful punch. Brimming with eclecticism, it will, of course, become a statement piece in any room. We think it looks great at the end of the bed, in that awkward space in the hallway that’s crying out to be filled, or simply in front of a window.

Velvet Accessories – Spring Trend on a Smaller Scale

If you’re looking to incorporate the velvet trend on a smaller budget, velvet accessories are the way to go. Our Teal Velvet & Brocade Cushion is a beautiful addition to your sofa or favourite armchair. Handmade and fair trade; just how we like our cushions. Alternatively, pair it with the coordinating quilt to make a bright statement in the bedroom. Our customers continually praise the quality workmanship, jewel-like vibrancy and the shimmering opulence of the patterned brocades and velvets used in this duo. On the other hand, if you prefer earthy colours then this style is also available in Maroon.

New for Spring 2018 is our Hadlee collection. With 3 colours to choose from in both the cushion and quilt, there’s bound to be a style to complement your home. Featuring supremely soft velvet with a screen-printed Marroc tile pattern on the woven cotton reverse, the Hadlee style brings both on-trend style and comfort to your home.

And finally, velvet also works perfectly with another Spring trend – artisan texture. The smoothness of velvet combined with the rough natural textures of woven items is an interior dream. And we’ve got you covered for artisan textures, too!

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