July 1999: A first class stamp cost 26p; Y2K was a problem of escalating concern; Posh & Becks got married; Facebook was five years away from being launched; Georgie Hopkins and Simon Whitehead started Myakka.

Two whole decades ago, Myakka was born from humble beginnings and a vision to offer customers something different for their home in the form of ethically and sustainably sourced furniture, long before it was fashionable to do so. This hasbeen a rewarding, demanding and immensely satisfying journey.  We are so proud of all that Myakka has achieved and feel privileged to have worked with such dedicated artisans across the globe, along with our fantastic team here in Wincanton.

Looking to the future, we recognise that the time has come to ensure Myakka is well-positioned for the next two decades and as such, we are delighted to announce that Myakka has now become part of the Ian Snow family. 

A leading ethical homewares company based in Devon, Ian Snow Ltd has over forty years of heritage and is now run by the founders’ two daughters, Daisy and India, who will be taking Myakka into the future. Our unique and exclusive furniture and home décor collections will continue to be available online at www.myakka.co.uk. and there are plans for a brand new catalogue in Spring 2020.  Due to the business move however, the Warehouse Outlet in Wincanton is now permanently closed.

Our ethical values are incredibly important to us so we couldn’t be happier that the team at Ian Snow has vast experience of championing fair trade producers and is committed to protecting the environment. The relationships we’ve built up with our key artisan suppliers in India and beyond will continue to be nurtured. And most importantly, all our loyal customers across the UK will continue to be offered new, exciting products every season, carefully curated by Daisy herself.

Our personal decision to start a new chapter beyond Myakka has been carefully considered and we would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has shown us such support over the years. The passion, drive and enthusiasm of Daisy and her team reminds us of when we started the company all those years ago, back in the last century! We feel this is a really exciting time and as we move on to new ventures, we look forward to following Myakka’s next twenty years of success as part of the Ian Snow family.

Georgie & Simon x