As part of our continual support of the Somerset Community Foundation (SCF) and the Myakka Grass root funds we have recently made a donation to the Men’s Shed in Wincanton. The Men’ Shed is a group that started in Australia to provide a place for men to spend time and interact with each other. The shed started as an answer to the problem  of men disappearing from the community after retiring, this can often mean poor health and a lower life expectancy.

Men’s Shed offers a group of men the chance to share the tools and resources they need to work on projects of their own choosing at their own pace and in a safe, friendly and inclusive venue. They are places of skill-sharing and informal learning, of individual pursuits and community projects, of purpose, achievement and social interaction. A place of leisure where men come together to work and socialise.

There are now over 226 Men’s Shed groups across the UK with about 4,300 shed members (shedders) with on average 2 new sheds opening every week. We are lucky enough to have a group in Wincanton, Somerset that is where our HQ is based. The Wincanton Men’s Shed meets twice a week to have ago at woodworking and making anything from bird boxes to auricula theatre (a garden shelving unit to show off plants). The Wincanton shedders have also been involved with helping to restore the benches around Wincanton Town, ensuring they are safe and useable for all the community. There is also a lawnmower maintenance group that meet once a week and are part of the shedders.

It was great to meet some of the shedders and to be able to see the work that they have completed and hear about their plans for the shed and to try and encourage new members. So if you fancy some company and enjoy using your hands, why not join your local Shed.

Wincanton Men’s Shed meet on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays from 10am and are always looking for new members, more wood and old tools.Why not come and say hello?